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Crime Report 28 May - 3 June 2015

Hi all

Please be aware that all calls coming into and out of Knight Security Solutions through our Diginet lines are recorded.

Crime stats – 28 May to 3 June

28-05-2015 12h00 Harvard Street (Howick) – Client called in to report he had a positive break-in to an out building (not alarmed). KSS unit was dispatched to investigate. KSS reported access had been gained to the building. Brush cutter and axe found outside. Two suspects reported seen leaving the area. KSS and Bobbies patrolled the area. SAPS advised. No items stolen.

28-05-2015 16h00 Business Falls Road (Howick) – Panic received. KSS units dispatched. Client advised there was a man causing problems in the area. Suspect apprehended by KSS and handed over to the SAPS who took the man into custody.

28-05-2015 16h56 Tino Road (Hilton) – Client called in and requested KSS’s assistance as on arriving at home she noticed her gate had been derailed. KSS unit dispatched to investigate. KSS reported no signs of attempted entry into the house.

29-05-2015 08h54 Business Mare Street (Howick) – Client called in and requested KSS’s assistance as they apprehended a suspecting steeling equipment. KSS units dispatched. KSS handed over the suspect into SAPS custody.

29-05-2015 22h00 Business Tweedie Road (Howick) – KSS guard on duty called in to report there had been theft of fencing. KSS unit dispatched to investigate. SAPS advised. Client reported no other items stolen from the premises.

30-05-2015 19h00 Business Main Street (Howick) – Panic received. KSS units dispatched. Client reported a fire on the premises. SAPS, SACAN, ER24, Howick and Mooi River Fire departments advised. While the owner of the premises was trying to extinguish the fire, members of the public began looting the premises. KSS stood down at the premises to assist.

31-05-2015 13h50 Business Main Street (Howick) – Client called in and requested medical assistance as an elderly lady had collapsed outside the premises. SA CAN alerted and KSS and ER24 units dispatched to assist.

01-06-2015 16h40 Hilton Road (Hilton) – KSS Armed Response radioed into the control room requesting medical assistance for a child who had been hit by a car in a parking lot. ER24 was dispatched and stabilised the patient. SAPS advised.

01-06-2015 22h12 Greenfields place (Merrivale) – Alarm activation received. KSS unit dispatched. KSS guard from neighbouring business reported he saw 2 suspects flee the scene when the alarm activated. KSS officer reported an attempted break-in.

02-06-2015 01h31 Business Oleander Road (Merrivale) – Alarm activation received. KSS unit dispatched. KSS member reported the fence had been cut. Attempted break-in.

03-06-2015 20h10 – Bell Street (Howick) – Bobbie’s unit radioed in and reported a fire on the sports fields. KSS unit was dispatched for assistance. KSS extinguished the fire.

Have a warm and safe weekend.

Kind regards

Crime Report 20 - 27 May 2015

Hi all

This is a long one…. PLEASE read….

Please check out our KSS website if you have not already done so. It has been updated with staffing and other interesting information. Go to www.knightsecurity.co.za.

Clients, please note that requests for a Security Officer/s to be placed on site MUST be made by 2pm on the day that they are needed - AT THE LATEST. Ideally requests should be made with 24 hours’ notice. Security companies don’t keep “spare” Security Officers on site at their offices, and have to source them from their pool of staff, that are already pre-rostered for a month in advance. KSS do make EVERY attempt to satisfy our clients and we will do our best to assist. Please understand the constraints you put us under if your request for a Security Officer comes through at the last minute.

Greendale Park and Eridene Bobbies is doing really well and we are getting new members daily. Please note that we are still short of our minimum of 350 members to have a 24/7 service running. Please note that 350 people is approximately 23% of the entire community living in that area. PLEASE take ownership of your community project and help us help you. We need more members – be proactive, care and join our passion in making this project a success. Contact Sonya on 0826132995 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KSS crime stats 20 – 27 May 2015

20-05-2015 09h45 Business Zeederberg Road (Merrivale) – Client called in and requested medical assistance for a customer. ER24 dispatched.

22-05-2015 06h45 Business Greenfields Place (Merrivale) - KSS members heard a lady scream for help, KSS members investigated and found a woman stabbed alongside the road. KSS members gave chase to suspects. One suspect fled into the bushes the other suspect was apprehended and handed over to the police. The second suspect was later arrested by SAPS. Victim was transported to hospital.

22-05-2015 10h23 Residential Estate Karkloof Road (Karkloof) – Fire Alarm activation received. KSS dispatched all units. Fire Department, SAPS and Traffic Department were advised. KSS got to site and investigated. Reported a geyser had burst and water was causing sparks with the Electrical wiring. Fire Department cancelled by client.

23-05-2015 00h24 Panorama Road (Hilton) – Continuous Alarm activation received. KSS dispatched, KSS control room called the client who advised all seemed to be in order no need for armed response. Client called at 06:30 to advise that they did in fact have a positive break-in. KSS investigated. SAPS informed. Items were stolen.

23-05-2015 22h00 Business Midmar Road (Howick West) – Client called in requesting KSS and medical assistance as an intoxicated male drove into a crowd of people. The man fled the scene. No persons were able to give a description of the driver. SAPS and Medical attended to those on site.

23-05-2015 22h23 Mayflower Road (Howick) – Client called in and requested KSS to do a patrol as she can hear revving of a car at her gate. KSS investigated and found an intoxicated male had crashed his car into a pole. SAPS called to site. SAPS arrested the male.

23-05-2015 00h38 Forest Lane (Hilton) – Client called in to report a positive break-in. KSS investigated and reported the fence had been cut to gain entry. KSS member recovered a bush cutter. SAPS advised. Other items were stolen.

24-05-2015 03h34 Panorama Road (Hilton) – Alarm activation, KSS dispatched. Positive break-in reported. Fence was cut to gain entry to the premises. KSS member recovered some items that were stolen. SAPS advised. Other items were stolen.

24-05-2015 09h00 R103 (Howick) – SAPS member called in and requested KSS’s and Medical assistance as he found a man on the Bridge. KSS and ER24 dispatched. Man taken to hospital. SACAN advised.

25-05-2015 00h19 Induna Mills Road (Howick) – KSS Security Officer called in to report a Fire on-site. KSS units dispatched and Fire Department informed.

25-05-2015 13h40 Berea Road (Howick) – Alarm activation. KSS dispatched, Reported a positive break-in. KSS recovered one bicycle. SAPS advised. Other items were stolen.

25-05-2015 19h00 Devonshire Avenue (Howick) – Client called in and requested KSS’s assistance as there were two African males assaulting a African female in the road. KSS dispatched. Found all parties intoxicated. KSS resolved the issue.

26-05-2015 20h30 Corner of Bell and Berea Road (Howick) – Client called in to inform that they spotted approximately 9 vagrants wearing balaclavas on a vacant property. SAPS investigated and later informed KSS that they had cleared out the house and that they had found street children on the premises. No stolen items were recovered in the house.

27-05-2015 04h50 Business Oleander Road (Merrivale) – Alarm Activated. Positive break-in. KSS investigated. SAPS advised. Items were stolen.

27-05-2015 11h00 Loram Road (Merrivale) – Client called in and requested KSS to investigate, as her domestic worker had reported there were men trying to break the gate off the rails. Description of the vehicle seen: White Audi with GP registration. KSS dispatched, suspects had already fled the scene. KSS patrolled the area.

27-05-2015 11h15 Anderson Road (Merrivale) – Client called in and requested medical assistance for her Domestic worker. SACAN and ER24 advised.

27-05-2015 12h00 Valley view Road (Howick West) – Alarm activation. KSS dispatched. Reported a positive break-in. Residents gave a description of a White Audi with GP registration driving around the area. Gate motor damaged to gain entry to the premises.

PLEASE report a white Audi with a GP registration to KSS immediately if you see it in the Howick West or surrounding areas.

27-05-2015 14h00 Shopping Centre (Howick North) – Cell phone stolen from vehicle due to remote jamming.

That’s all for this report….

Have a great weekend and keep those eyes peeled.

Kind regards


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