CPF Meeting Dates

  • The Howick CPF meetings are on the last Thursday of each month.
  • The Hilton CPF meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The Mpophomeni CPF meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.

Crime Report 19 - 26 November 2014

Hi all

Herewith is a very positive newsletter with numerous community projects being started in our lovely Midlands area.

Howick CPF meeting
This will be held tonight (27 November 2014) at the Howick SAPS in the upstairs boardroom at 5.30pm. Community members are encouraged to attend as we need to start making a concerted effort to stand together in our fight against crime.

Reach 4 Life – addressing crime at grassroots level (LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE)
A wonderful meeting was held this morning to enlighten community members on the amazing work done by Colin Bishop and his “Reach 4 Life” team in helping the youth of South Africa to develop and inculcate value driven behaviour. This is a Not-for-profit Company (NPC) and a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The theme of the meeting was “Turn the Tide on Crime in the KZN Midlands” which, through a peer mentorship school’s based program, helps lay a solid, moral and value based foundation for the majority of our poverty stricken, child headed families and socially broken communities that are in need of upliftment and help. Financial funding is necessary for the pilot project to be started in “under privileged” schools in Lidgetton, Mpophomeni and Howick NEXT YEAR. For more information please email Colin Bishop at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on 0832561165. “Reach 4 Life” is supported and endorsed by internationally renowned Clem Sunta, who is a real South African pioneering gem in Scenario planning.

Merrivale Height Bobbies
This Bobbies on bicycles project will continue in Merrivale Heights as it has done this year. It will be reviewed early next year.

Hilton Public Crime Awareness Open day
• Saturday (29 November) from 8am–12pm at the Hilton Quarry. Please come along and chat to us and find out about how the Midlands Emergency Response and Prevention (ERPC) team is working together for the greater good of the community. Representatives from Knight Security Solutions, SA CAN My911, ER24, VCAT (PBO), Red Alert and Recoveri Microdot will all be there.

• The Howick Public Crime Awareness Open day and launch of the Community Bobbies Patrol project (for Greendale Park, Eridene and Lakeview) will take place next week Saturday, 6 December at Greendale Spar from 8am-12pm.

Crime Stats 19 – 26 November 2014

17-11-14 13h10 Thomas Road (Howick) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Positive break-in reported. SAPS advised. Items stolen from site.

19-11-14 08h30 Anderson Road (Merrivale) – Client reported suspected remote jamming of gate remote.

19-11-14 03h38 Lorna Road (Merrivale) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Theft of a bicycle and motorcycle reported. SAPS advised.

20-11-14 06h15 Vear Road (Merrivale) – Client reported break-in. KSS investigated. SAPS advised.

20-11-14 22h58 Willow Lane (Hilton) – Client called for assistance. KSS investigated. Break-in reported. Items stolen from the site. SAPS advised.

20-11-14 01h38 Business (Boston/Bulwer) – Panic received. KSS investigated. Suspects on site. Suspects fled the scene.

21-11-14 09h30 Rylands Road (Howick) – Client called for assistance. KSS investigated. Suspects stole motorcycle from neighbour’s yard. KSS investigated. The motorcycle was later recovered by KSS.

21-11-14 08h00 Wiese Road (Merrivale) – Client reported attempted break-in.

24-11-14 01h25 Umgeni Avenue (Karkloof Road) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Break-in reported. Items stolen from the site. SAPS advised.

24-11-14 03h44 Residential Estate (Karkloof Road) – Client called for assistance. KSS investigated. i-Pad stolen from the site.

25-11-14 07h00 Willow Road (Howick) - Client called in reported theft of motor vehicle. Metallic sky-blue Golf Chico NP 55884. SAPS and SA CAN advised.

25-11-14 17h10 Residential Estates (Karkloof Road) - Client requested assistance. KSS investigated. Positive break-in reported.

25-11-14 21h38 St Michaels Road (Hilton) - Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Two vehicles broken into and items stolen out of one of the vehicles. SAPS advised.

Have a lovely weekend and help us in our efforts to drive these crime initiatives.

Kind regards

Crime Report 12 - 18 November 2014

HI all

It has been a productive week and we are making great progress in finalising our Public Crime Awareness Open days in Hilton and Howick. We have also finalised the details of the “Community Bobbies Patrol” project for Greendale Park, Eridene and Lakeview.

Public Crime Awareness Open days
The following role players will be there to advise and inform you: SA CAN My911, ER24, VCAT (PBO), Recoveri Microdot and Red Alert (Hilton).

• Hilton Quarry on Saturday 29 November 2014 from 8am-12pm.
• Howick Greendale Spar on Saturday 6 December from 8am-12pm. The “Community Bobbies Patrol” project will also be launched.

Community Bobbies Patrol project
KSS are continuing with the Bobbies Project, but it will take on a whole new look. After an extensive survey and meetings with interested community role players, herewith are the details of the ‘NEW LOOK’ Bobbies Project.

1. The project will be called the ‘Bobbies Community Patrol’.
2. There will be a 24/7/365 Armed Patrolling vehicle.
3. There will be a fully qualified Reaction Officer in the vehicle at all times.
4. The area to be patrolled will cover Greendale Park, Eridene and Lakeview Road.
5. The vehicle has been subsidised by CMH DATCENTRE, Pmb.
6. There will be a GPRS tracking device fitted to the vehicle.
7. The Sentinel Patrolling system will be used.

Please note that the existing Bobbies on bicycles will be reabsorbed into our guarding structure and will NOT lose their jobs.

KSS are looking at future “Community Bobbies Patrol” projects in:
• Merrivale / Merrivale Heights / Howick West
• Howick CBD / Business Park / Industrial Area
• Hilton
These areas will be addressed in 2015

Recoveri Microdot – for personal possessions
SA CAN My911 along with KSS and Red Alert will be rolling out Recoveri Microdot in Hilton, Howick and Merrivale over the next few months. More information will follow and Carl Dornbrack from Recoveri will be at the two open days to answer any questions.

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) vehicle starts in the Midlands on Monday 1 December. It will be based at KSS. We would like to welcome Emma Boreham to the area. Emma will be our ALS paramedic and will provide back-up and support to the medical services in the area.

The Violent Crimes and Apprehension Team (PBO – public benefit organisation) also starts in the Midlands on 1 December 2014. The primary purpose of the VCAT is support SAPS in the trio-crimes (business robbery, house robbery, car/truck jacking and associated crimes of murder and rape). The VCAT will operate from Pietermaritzburg into the Midlands and is working in partnership with KSS and Red Alert.

Remote jamming – from a concerned resident (Merrivale)

“I just wanted to let you know that I was the victim of having my automatic gate remote jammed last night (18 Nov) when I came home from gym. Fortunately my husband opened the gate quickly as I was standing outside the car. This is the second time we've had this happen to us. The first incident was outside a local shopping centre where the remote for the car was jammed. We reported it to the management who approached the vehicle at which point the vehicle sped off - the occupants were quite blatant about it too - which is cause for concern. There aren't too many people with automatic gates in our road, but perhaps people need to be made aware that they are a possible target nevertheless”.

Crime Stats 12 – 18 November 2014

12-11-14 15h00 Umgeni Ave (Howick) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Positive break-in reported. SAPS advised. Items stolen from the site.

12-11-14 08h05 Business Divine Road (Howick West) – A member of the public called for Medical Assistance. ER24 Medical Services advised and assisted.

13-11-14 03h37 Geekie Road (Merrivale) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Theft of a bicycle reported. SAPS advised.

14-11-14 10h00 Business (Karkloof) – Client reported break-in. Magma Security investigated. Items stolen from the site. SAPS advised.

14-11-14 08h40 General Stats (Cedara) – Whilst doing a routine patrol KSS Armed Response encountered a shootout between suspects and the Spoornet Security Officers. Suspects attempted to steal cables. SAPS advised. SA CAN also advised. Suspects fled the scene and where later apprehended.

14-11-14 02h38 Ridge Road (Howick) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Two bicycles stolen. SAPS advised.

15-11-14 03h18 Wear Ave (Howick) – Client reported motorcycle stolen. The make is a 50cc red Zongshen.

15-11-14 01h15 Oakleigh Drive (Howick) – the following is a report received by KSS form a member of the public: “We live in Oakleigh drive and last night at between 12 and 12.30pm our dogs got poisoned. The thieves drive an old white Isuzu Bakkie with tinted windows.”

15-11-14 12h38 General Stats (Merrivale Heights) – Client reported that their gate was tampered with.

16-11-14 08h00 School Harvard Street (Howick) – Client reported attempted theft of tarpaulin. Suspects cut a hole in the fence. KSS investigated.

16-11-14 12h35 Cargill Crescent (Merrivale) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Positive break-in reported. Items stolen site. SAPS advised.

16-11-14 13h20 General Stats (Hilton) – A member of the public called for assistance. A report of possible illegal hunting in the Mondi Forest reported. KSS investigated. SA CAN and SAPS advised.

16-11-14 19h45 Business (Tweedie) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in reported.

Have a good week ahead.

Kind regards


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