CPF Meeting Dates

  • The Howick CPF meetings are on the last Thursday of each month.
  • The Hilton CPF meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The Mpophomeni CPF meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.

Crime Report 14 - 20 February 2018

Dear KSS Clients

SA CAN (TrackBox)
The relationship between KSS and SA CAN (TrackBox) continues to be one that benefits the whole community, and adds huge value to KSS. For more information on SA CAN’s latest ground-breaking technology, go to www.trackbox.world.

A huge thank you to the ER24 Midlands Team who have just facilitated a basic first aid training for our KSS staff in our new training centre, on our new premises.

Staff training
KSS runs an effective in-house Skills Development and Training Program for all our staff. Training ranges from basic first aid and OHS, to human resources, public relations, understanding your role in the security industry, care of security equipment, advanced driving, firearm refresher training, understanding security industry statutory regulations etc…. just to name a few of the up-skilling training sessions held over the past year. Currently, we are empowering staff to get fit and healthy, and have a fitness expert coming to the new office premises 3 mornings a week to do training. The staff are loving it.

Crime Statistics and Incidents 14 – 20 February 2018
14-Feb-18 20:00 Business Falls Drive (Howick) The KSS Control Room were advised that intruders were causing a disturbance and needed to be removed from a function. A KSS Reaction unit was dispatched. The KSS Reaction Officers reported that on arrival the intruders fled. The KSS Reaction Officers stood down at premises for the rest of the evening until the function was over.

15-Feb-18 11:29 Carel Ohrtman Road (Merrivale Heights) The KSS Control Room were advised that there had been an intruder on the property but no items were stolen or access gained into the premises. The client advised no need for KSS or SAPS.

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Crime Report 7 - 14 February 2018

Dear KSS Clients

Apprehended suspects
We have had another productive week by alert KSS Reaction Officers, with numerous suspects being apprehended and stolen items being recovered and returned to clients.

Unalarmed out-buildings
There has been an increase in break-ins to unalarmed outbuildings (wendy houses and sheds). Please ensure that if you have out-buildings, they are locked and alarmed.

Cable theft
Cable theft is on the increase with at least two reported incidents this past week. Please report cable theft immediately to the KSS Control Room on 033 3305911. KSS are working alongside SAPS and other key role players in combatting this serious crime.

Crime statistics and Incidents 7 – 14 February 2018
07-Feb-18 05:35 Mallory Road (Hilton) The KSS Control Room were advised by the KSS Hilton Hawks unit that the lock on a pedestrian gate had been cut.

07-Feb-18 13:20 Cargill Crescent (Merrivale) The KSS Control Room received an alarm activation. A KSS Reaction unit was dispatched. The KSS Reaction Officers reported a positive break-in to the outside wendy house. Gardening items were found in the yard. The client confirmed garden furniture had been stolen. SAPS were advised.

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