CPF Meeting Dates

  • The Howick CPF meetings are on the last Thursday of each month.
  • The Hilton CPF meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The Mpophomeni CPF meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.

KSS Incidents 21 - 27 June 2018

Dear KSS Clients

Poachers apprehended in the Karkloof
Well done to SA CAN TrackBox and our Knight Security Solutions staff who assisted with facilitating the apprehension of the poachers in the Karkloof over the past weekend. The KSS Control Room initiated the response and ensured that Howick SAPS were appropriately informed. It was a great community team effort. The Control Room staff of SA CAN TrackBox and KSS, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, are the unsung heroes in ensuring that the right information was transmitted on to the right role-players.

Incident Summary (crime and other)
There were 7 incidents in Howick (4 residential, 1 medical and 2 business). There was 1 incident in Merrivale (1 residential). There was 1 incident in Merrivale Heights (1 residential). There were 4 incidents in Hilton (4 residential). There was 1 incident in Howick West (1 business). There were 4 incident in the outlying areas (1 residential, 1 lost person and 2 business).

KSS Incidents 21 – 27 June 2018
21-Jun-18 05:49 Summit Road (Hilton) The KSS Control Room were advised about a positive break-in. A KSS Reaction unit and SAPS were dispatched. The KSS Reaction Officers reported that access was gained through the front door. Electronic items were stolen. SAPS took over the incident from KSS.

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KSS Incidents 13 - 20 June 2018

Dear KSS Clients

Knight Security Solutions continues to be a formidable force in our areas and our staff are proactive in ensuring that we keep our community safe. More criminals have been apprehended over the past fortnight, and we continue to work alongside SAPS, RTI all local community groups. Remember – You are safer with us!

Knight Cleaning Services
Our very successful Cleaning Division has grown from 2 to 16 staff over the past two years. We have however taken the decision to focus on our core function at Knight Security Solutions – that being security – and have sold the cleaning business to the cleaning experts, namely Jackson’s Cleaning Services. Jacksons will take over the staff and clients from 1 July 2018, and we wish them all the very best. It has been pleasure to create well deserved employment in our community for these lovely ladies and men. You can contact Anna Dlamini on 082 893 6076 or Cathy Jackson on 083 625 3732 for all your cleaning and Carpet Care needs.

Domestic workers attacked
Domestic workers walking home from work have become a target for criminals. Please ensure that you pay employees via EFT into a bank account so that they are not vulnerable carrying cash on them. Please also encourage employees and school children to walk in groups of three or more – there is definitely safety in numbers. Cell phones should also be carefully concealed so as not to attract attention. Ensure that emergency services numbers are on speed dial or call Knight Security Solutions on 033 330 5911. Remember to give you name, number and location when you call in.

Overgrown verges
There are many areas with over-grown verges, especially in Merrivale, which has seen a recent spike in criminal activity. Please cut down excessive bush around your property, as this creates hiding places for criminals to “surprise” attack unsuspecting people walking in the area. Criminals can also hide away in the bushes and stash stolen items.

Reporting incidents
Please report incidents and suspicious vehicles/persons directly to your security service provider so that we can take prompt action. Please note that WhatsApp is not a formal means of dispatching a security service provider or SAPS. You need to phone your security service provider control room (KSS 033 3305 911) or activate your alarm to elicit a response. Please respect this protocol and don’t place the lives of community citizens in danger by expecting them to respond. Also take ownership of what you post on social media.

Incident Summary (crime and other)
There were 6 incidents in Howick (4 residential, 1 medical and 1 business). There were 2 incidents in Merrivale (1 residential and 1 business). There was 1 incident in Hilton (1 residential). There was 1 incident in the outlying areas (1 business).

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