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Crime Report 28 January - 3 February 2015

Greetings, everyone

Herewith, as always, is my report:

Radio licences

To all our clients who have not yet paid their Annual Radio Network, fee that was invoiced out on the 1 December 2014, please be advised that if you usually pay your monthly fees via debit order, this outstanding amount will be added to your next debit order as a once of payment.

To all our other clients who pay your monthly fees via eft, please settle this amount as soon as possible.

A huge THANK YOU to all those clients who have made this once off annual payment. We are most appreciative.

Covert river surveillance

Please note KSS are currently running a covert Umgeni River surveillance project (areas adjacent Rylands, Rosebank and Oakleigh). Please can the public report anything suspicious or “out of the norm” along the river to the KSS Control Centre immediately so that we can follow up.


To all our clients that are SA CAN My 911 members – thank you for your support of this amazing organisation. Brian and his team are working tirelessly to ensure that SA CAN My911 is the ultimate Emergency Response and Prevention Organisation in Southern Africa. SA CAN underwent a transition period towards the latter part of last year, which allowed for the My911 technologies to be integrated into the SA CAN system. The one change that this did result in was a change to the number dialled on speed dial 5, to the SA CAN duty manager. Please make sure that you have the new number saved as your SA CAN contact number. It is 086 167 2226. For any assistance or clarification please contact Xaron on 084 477 4462.

Crime Stats 28 January – 3 February 2015

28-01-15 08h30 Business, Main Street (Howick) - Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in

28-01-15 18h00 Willow Lane (Winterskloof) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in.

29-01-15 10h00 Harvard, Berea and Rhodes Avenue (Howick) – Multiple Panics received from clients within the area. Clients reported 2 African Male suspects jumping through properties. Five KSS units were dispatched to investigate. One suspect was apprehended by KSS and Berg’s Armed Reaction Officers and taken into custody by the SAPS. The other male fled the scene. Stolen items were recovered.

29-01-15 10h15 Neptune Road (Howick West) Client called in to report a positive break-in and that two African male suspects were leaving her premises with stolen items. KSS investigated the premises and patrolled the area. SAPS advised.

29-01-15 16h00 Main Street (Howick) – Green Mazda 323 with a gold sticker saying “God’s gift”, Reg No. DRV 700 – GP stolen.

30-01-15 20h09 Devonshire / York Roads (Howick) – Client called in to report he saw suspects jumping into another client’s property. KSS investigated. No suspects on-site.

30-01-15 20h47 Business Boston/Bulwer Road (Bulwer) – Panic received. KSS client advised that an African male was fighting with him on his premises. KSS assisted and the offender was handed over to the SAPS.

31-01-15 04h40 Carel Ohrtmann Road (Merrivale Heights) – Email received by a member of the public to report that their fence had been peeled back and they had found two pairs foot prints leading from the street to the fence line.

31-01-15 09h14 Carel Ohrtmann Road (Merrivale Heights) – Email received to report a car had been broken into. Items were stolen.

31-01-15 14h53 Oakleigh Drive (Howick) – A member of the public emailed to report that she and her daughter were chased by six African males in an old style red BMW with tinted windows.

31-01-15 16h28 Business Zeederberg Road (Merrivale) – Alarm activated. As per resident, he saw an African male jump into the next door property after the alarm had activated. The suspect attempted to gain access to the business then attempted to break-in to the residential complex next door. The suspect fled the scene on the arrival of KSS.

01-02-15 16h03 Brynewood Road (Merrivale Heights) – Client emailed in to report that he heard something metallic being dragged in the road during the evening.

01-02-15 11h18 Rosebank Road (Howick) – Client called in to report she had a positive break-in. Alarm was NOT armed at the time. KSS investigated. SAPS advised. Items were stolen.

01-02-15 15h30 Bense and Wilson Road (Merrivale Heights) – Client called in to report an abandoned vehicle Blue Fait Palio Reg. NP 138-268. SAPS advised.

01-02-15 23h00 Valley Road (Winterskloof) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in.
SAPS advised.

01-02-15 00h30 Business Saligna Road (Merrivale) – KSS Armed Reaction Officer reported an attempted break-in which was observed while doing an area patrol.

02-02-15 08h00 Braemar Crescent (Howick) – Client called in to report that he had an attempted car theft. Client disturbed the suspects.

02-02-15 12h05 Dick Street (Howick) – Client called in to report her dog has been poisoned. KSS patrolled the area.

02-02-15 19h30 Bell Street (Howick) – KSS employee called in to report a Red Mazda 323, Reg No. NR 25470 had been stolen. SAPS advised.

03-02-15 07h56 Induna Mills Road (Howick) – Client called requesting back-up as theft of cable was in progress. KSS and SAPS were dispatched and on arrival the suspects fled the scene. No cable was stolen.


Emma and her Ambulance team have settled into Howick and Midlands extremely well, and would like to thank the public for your support. To contact the Howick and Midlands ER24 Operations directly, you can dial 079 620 6661 or for the Pietermaritzburg ER24 Operations you can dial 082 943 1838. The ER24 National call centre number is 084124. Please also remember that you can also call the KSS Control Centre for a medical emergency and we will assist with the despatching of ER24.

Neighbourly support

Please be advised that we should all look out for not only our own safety but for that of your neighbours. It is good to relay information about suspicious behaviour or happenings in your area as it may shed more light on the situation and assist with investigations. It is also good to have a community sense of awareness and support.

Report ALL incidents to the police

Please note that in order for the SAPS to maintain accurate records of crime within their cluster area, the public should report ALL criminal incidents and get a case number.

Insightful information for the week

Be aware of what people can see from the road into your house during the day and night. Do the following exercise:
1. Go and stand in the road and look into your property and house during the day, and establish what is able to be observed. If necessary, then take precautionary measures if you have too much visible from the road.
2. Do the same exercise at night with the lights on inside.

It is always good to take a look at your property through the eyes of a potential criminal and become aware of what they would be able to observe from the road.

Numbering of your house / property

I have noticed a number of people that have improved the visibility of the street number / name of their property. I suggested some time back that a great idea is to get a number plate with your number and street name / lot number / farm number / farm name etc… on it, so it is easier for security and emergency services to locate your premises.

Have a lovely weekend

Crime Report 21 - 26 January 2015

Hi, all

Herewith is a very short report this week.

Community Bobbies Patrol Project (Greendale Park, Eridene and Lakeview)

This project is going well and resulted in an arrest over the weekend and the recovery of a stolen vehicle. Please join this community initiative so we can get the numbers up to afford our community the 24 hour patrols that we need in order to keep petty and serious crimes out of our area.

Membership forms are attached here and here, or contact Sonya on 082 6132 995.

Crime stats 22 – 26 January 2015

22-01-15 09h30: Memory Lane (Howick) – Client called in to report a suspicious African Male jumpingover his wall. KSS investigated. No suspect on-site.

22-01-15 12h00: Mare Street, residential estate (Howick) – Panic received by client.KSS Investigated. Client reported African male had jumped over the wall (same description of the suspect given as in Memory Lane). Members from the residential estate came out to investigate why the neighbour’s siren was active, while they were looking for the suspect in the estate;the suspect entered the helping residents’ home and stole items. KSS member arrived to the scene and gave chase, the suspect then fled over the wall. Members of the public also helped give chase. He dropped most of the stolen items, which were returned to the client. Suspect fled the scene.

23-01-15 13h00: Business, Greenfields Road (Merrivale) – KSS Armed Reaction Officer reported a positive break-in. Items were stolen.

23-01-15 2h12: Business, Main Street (Howick) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in. No items were stolen. SAPS advised.

23-01-15 01h38: Valley View Road (Howick West) – Alarm activated. KSS investigated. Attempted break-in. No items stolen.

24-01-15 19h45: Business, Greenfields Road (Merrivale) – KSS Security Officer called for Back-up. KSS Armed reaction investigated. Positive break-in. Items were stolen.

24-01-15 02h00: Oakleigh Drive (Howick) – Client called in to report suspects on his premises. KSS investigated. Window broken and blood trail found. KSS dog unit and SAPS called to the scene. One suspect found deceased in the river (by a member of the public) due to injuries. Unknown additional suspects fled with stolen items.

25-01-15 10h40: Hayfields Road (Howick) – Client called in to report a suspect on her premises. KSS investigated. Attempted Break-in. Suspect fled the scene.

26-01-15 10h57: Business, Harvard Street (Howick) - Client called in to report a white Nissan bakkie,reg no: NP 142 643 stolen.

26-01-15 13h26: Umgeni Road (Howick) – Client called in to report to report a positive break-in. Alarm not activated. KSS Investigated. SAPS advised. Items were stolen.


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