CPF Meeting Dates

  • The Howick CPF meetings are on the last Thursday of each month.
  • The Hilton CPF meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The Mpophomeni CPF meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.

Crime Report: 10 - 13 July 2014

  • 10-07-2014 16h46 Howick. SACAN called for assistance. A client noticed a vagrant starting a fire at Amberglen. KSS dispatched and the fire department was advised.
  • 10-07-2014 00h30 Farm Boston / Bulwer Rd Merrivale. Ballid requested assistance. KSS dispatched. Suspects attempted to steal chickens. Suspects fled the scene. SAPS advised.
  • 10-07-2014 01h45 Hilton. Domestic disturbance was reported. KSS dispatched. SAPS advised.
  • 11-07-2014 15h50 Merrivale. Client requested armed response. KSS attended.
  • 11-07-2014 23h14 Howick High School Amber Avenue Howick. KSS security officer called for assistance. Suspects tried to steal electronic equipment from the site. KSS dispatched. SAPS advised. Suspects fled the scene.
  • 11-07-2014 04h00 Dick Street Howick. Alarm activated. KSS dispatched. Suspects broke the lock to the shed. Nothing stolen.
  • 13-07-2014 12h56 Buchannan Street Howick. Attempted break-in. KSS dispatched. Locks to the gates were broken and the burglar guards removed. No access gained. SAPS advised.


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