CPF Meeting Dates

  • The Howick CPF meetings are on the last Thursday of each month.
  • The Hilton CPF meetings are on the third Thursday of each month.
  • The Mpophomeni CPF meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.

KSS Incidents 1 - 9 December 2019

Dear KSS Clients

KSS Incidents 1 – 9 December 2019
There are no KSS incidents to report of between the 1st and 9th of December 2019.

“Friends of the Falls”
HUCTO is trying to revive FOTF and is appealing to anyone who would like to help for 3 hours a week to meet-and-greet visitors to the Falls view site - and to record number of visitors and where they come from.

Please let Lorraine Bryant know when you are available - am or pm Monday to Friday. You can e-mail Lorraine Bryant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call her on: 082 9327 549.

Load Shedding
Eskom load shedding has become a STARK reality again. Subscribers of Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response services are encountering unavoidable issues related to load shedding. Please note that these issues are industry related and all security service providers are affected.

The sheer volume of alarm calls that arise during and after load shedding keeps our KSS Controllers working tirelessly, because during load shedding alarm activations can increase by up to 1000%. Our Armed Response and back-up units do their utmost to respond to, and check on each alarm activation timeously.

Please be patient, as client safety and security is paramount.

Please do not test your alarm system during load shedding – this will result in KSS having to follow-up with your “false alarm” and may lead to a response delay to an actual emergency.

Changing back-up batteries frequently cannot be over-emphasised. The battery of an alarm is the lifeblood of any security system, that doesn’t have an alternative source of power when the electricity goes off. For more advice contact Sashen on 082 870 0138 or Gary on 082 894 7628.

The impact of Load Shedding on your home and business security

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KSS Incidents 24 - 30 November 2019

Dear KSS Clients

There were a number of suspects apprehended this past week by alert KSS Reaction Officers and proactive monitoring of security systems. Well done team!

Useful Security Tips for the Upcoming Holiday Season

• Advise your security company if you are going away and ensure that you supply all the necessary information regarding key holders and emergency contacts. Also ensure that your alarm system is in good working order.

• Inform your neighbours of your holiday plans so that they can keep an eye on your property.

• Stop all newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbour to collect your post. A bulging post box is a real giveaway that you are not at home.

• If you are hiring a house sitter, ensure that you teach them how to use your alarm correctly. Also advise your security company about who they are and what their contact number is.

• Double check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors before leaving home. Thunderstorms and wind can trigger false alarms.

• Ensure that all your out-buildings (garage, cottage, garden shed) are secured. Also ensure that external PIR beams are in working order and cut away excess foliage near these external beams so that false alarms are not triggered.

• Never leave a key in a door which has glass panels or glass near the door lock.

• Having security gates fitted on outer doors is a highly effective security measure that gives you an extra line of defence.

• Sliding doors can be secured simply by placing a piece of timber cut to size in the sliding rail. Make sure that sliding doors cannot be lifted vertically. Preferably have a sliding gate across the front all sliding doors.

• Full fencing and sturdy driveway gates are a good deterrent. Make sure that your gate motor and battery are also secured. You can also link your gate motor to your house alarm system.

• Have good exterior lighting, preferably on a timer or movement sensitive. Criminals do not like lighting.

• Do not leave ladders, spades or tools lying about outside as they can be used to break into your house. Do not leave other valuables in view from the road as opportunistic criminals will steal these.

• Clear signage indicating that you have a security company also helps to discourage criminals.

If you need assistance please contact the KSS offices on 033 3305911 at any time of day or knight. For further security advice you can contact Keshen on 083 393 5265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact Gary on 082 8947 628 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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