Security Advice

Security Advice
Think of security as having layers of concentric circles:
• Alarm in the house
• CCTV in and around the house (can be linked to your smart phone)
• Dogs
• Beams in the garden
• Perimeter fence or wall

• Shrubs and trees should be cleared away from the house, to avoid people hiding behind them.
• The house needs to have good quality burglar bars and good quality security gates.
• The house should have an alarm with panic buttons (fixed or remote) which are connected to a 24 hour monitoring security Control Centre.
• CCTV cameras could be placed at all entrances and can record any suspicious person on your property.
• A farmer must have a two-way radio system.
• Good quality pepper spray is very effective
• A very good quality bright torch.
• Dogs are valuable to have and alert you. A small dog is a good idea indoors and larger dogs outside.
• A safe room in the house where people could lock themselves inside. Some form of communication in this room would be beneficial.
• Close all curtains at sundown, so that nobody can see inside the house.
• Be VERY suspicious of unknown people who are asking for work OR want to buy/sell goods.
• Make sure you have the details of your domestic staff (Name, ID, contact number and address).
• Brief your domestic staff on security measures for their own safety as well.
• Brief your children (of ANY age) about safety and security. They need to know how to be proactive in a threatening situation.

• Your property should be fenced with palisade or a concrete wall. Spikes or electric fencing could be on top of wall or fence.
• Bushes, shrubs, trees or anything which a person could hide behind, should be removed or trimmed.
• Lighting of dark areas is recommended.
• Ensure your gates are padlocked as automated gates are easily picked up off the rails and moved.
• On farms it is suggested that you have a monitored outer perimeter electric fence with an alarm and an inner perimeter electric fence with an alarm. The fence must be maintained.
• An automated gate is important so you don’t have to get out of your vehicle to open the gates.
• Keep a distance when stopping at your automated gate in case you have to leave in a hurry should something or somebody surprise you
• On a farm the road leading up to your property should be clear, with no bushes, trees and dongas so that no person can hide and you have a clear line of sight.
• Motion detecting beams could be used to surround the house which gives off a soft audible warning when the beam is broken.
• CCTV cameras allow you to monitor movement from the convenience of your smart phone.

Security measures are costly, but what are your family and your life worth?

Do things that place you in a good position to avoid being attacked. When criminals attack they will always put themselves in a tactical advantage. They will know the area, how many cars are in the yard, how many dogs there are etc… They will know a lot about you!


Regard everything that is out of place with suspicion.
(Supplied by Mr G. Larsen. Edited by D Preston)


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