Drakonteur Newspaper - September 2015

Knight Security Solutions (KSS) started trading as Knight Alarms (1990) and Knight Force (1998) before it became Knight Security Solutions in January 2014, when Gary Preston purchased Knight Alarms. Gary had started with Knight Alarms in 1990 as an alarm and radio installation technician and now, 26 years later, Gary and his wife Debbie are working together to make the Midlands a safer place.

KSS currently employs over 210 people from our local community and offers 24 hour Alarm Monitoring from their Control Centre, 24 hour Armed Response, 24 hour Guarding at estates, business and industrial premises and a Technical Department that do new alarm installations, CCTV, repairs and upgrades to all makes of systems.

KSS also now has a growing K9 unit, consisting of a trained tracking dog and trained patrol / attack dogs (Rottweilers and Boerboels). The tracking dog assists KSS with follow-up investigations after break-ins have occurred, while the patrol dogs have proven to be an asset when securing a site.

The Community Bobbies Patrol Project in the Greendale Park and Eridene areas of Howick North has been running successfully with an Armed Response Officer patrolling the area in a vehicle.

KSS believes in team work and is actively involved in the newly launched Combined Security Reaction Team (CSRT) in Howick. KSS along with the SAPS, SA CAN and other local security companies are focusing their collective efforts on combating crime together and an effective communication system has been set up to facilitate this process.

KSS prides itself in developing relationships with other credible and professional organisations or service providers. KSS has been working side by side with Together SA CAN for two years now. SA CAN is an organisation that specializes in managing emergency situations and ensuring that their members receive the appropriate emergency response. SA CAN is able to assist you anywhere from “at home”, to on holiday or work in South Africa and the surrounding Southern African countries.

SA CAN is officially linked to 96 organisations, including animal welfare, wildlife, medical & advanced life support, crime and medical flight operations, fire, police, private security, missing persons, land, sea and high-angle search and rescue operations, crisis centres, legal advice, business, farm and neighbourhood watches, Recoveri Microdot, vehicle tracking and tracing, VCAT PBO (Violent Crimes and Technology support) to name the main categories, all at the press of a button on your cell phone. To join SA CAN contact them on 086 1623 646 or go to their website www.sacan.org

SA CAN also provide a back-up service to all domestic workers. The following cell number can be given to your domestic workers: 083 799 1916. They can send a free "Please Call Me" to the Duty Manager, who will then contact them and assist. SA CAN is available 24/7 to assist.

KSS are also working side by side with ER24 Medical Emergency Ambulance Services. ER24 Midlands ambulance crew and Advanced Life Support (ALS) are based at the KSS premises. The KSS Control Centre is able to dispatch ER24, as well as other medical emergency service providers, to attend to medical cases in the Midlands. You can contact the ER24 Midlands Operations on 079 620 6661 directly.

Recently, Mark Winterboer joined the Knight Team. Mark was previously the Director of Berg Protection in Howick and has been a key figure in the Midlands over these recent years. Mark is known for his passion in the fields of security and particularly emergency medical response. This is a positive move for our community in that two key role players in security, namely Gary Preston (Owner of KSS) and Mark (formerly from Berg Protection Services), are working together in the best interests of the community. The focus in the months to come will be in ensuring even better service delivery to all our clients in Howick and the surrounding areas.

The security industry is governed by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) who set the standards and protocols for all security companies to adhere to. Last week PSIRA conducted an on-site inspection of the KSS operation. The gentleman from PSIRA who conducted the inspection said that in his 8 years of working for PSIRA he has never scored a security company 100% on an inspection...Well... last week was his first. KSS scored 100% compliance. This is an amazing achievement and attributed to all our amazing staff that work tirelessly to keep our community safe.


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