Village Talk - October 2015

Festive Season
Why am I starting on this already…? It is only October. Well, based on past experience MANY people leave their security requests for installations, upgrades and services right up to the last minute before they go away. We are always willing to help, but last year KSS still had technicians running around doing last minute jobs on Christmas Eve. Please plan ahead and get hold of our sales team early this year. You can email Keshen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

ALWAYS set your alarm system – even if you are just popping out for 5 minutes.

School kids – please be careful
A 16 year old Howick High School boy was involved in an attempted mugging. Please speak to your children if they walk home. Advise them to walk in groups and always be alert to what is going on around them. Give them our KSS Control Centre number 033 3305911 to put into their cell phones on a speed dial so they can call for immediate help if they need it.

Arrest of criminals
NPS vehicle Good news – the NPS vehicle was stopped the occupants arrested. It appears that they are linked to a number of crimes. Herewith is the information sent to me by SAPS:

“Hi. We arrested three suspects from Kwa Mashu area with a white Ford Bantam. They broke in at Fraser Street. Our Office is investigating the case and I know u have on numerous occasions circulated a white Ford Bantam with NPS plates. These guys came up from Durban with ND plates and changed it to NPS when they were in Howick, Hilton or Town Hill area. If there were any victims in your area who were robbed by these guys and saw them, we would like to possibly link them to that case by ID Parade. We believe they were responsible for a lot off break-ins in your area. It would be great if people can come forward that saw this individuals on their premises and could maybe ID the suspects”.

Please contact Frans from the KSS investigations unit if you have any information that could help KSS and SAPS with this case. Frans can be contacted on 0836120603 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Medical Emergencies
KSS continues to build strong working relationships with the local Emergency Medical Ambulance service providers. ER24 continues to provide a professional service to our community and this, coupled with the fact that they have Advanced Life Support (ALS) back-up, is a real positive. ER24 also provide ALS back-up to the smaller, local service providers. Howick and Midlands now also have the service of the newly launched Midlands EMS Ambulance, which is owned by Mark Winterboer. Our community is now safely in the hands of numerous service providers and KSS are able to facilitate a response to any medical emergency for you from any number of service providers. You can however contact the following service providers directly:
ER24 – Midlands Operations on 0796206661 or Midlands EMS on 0741497911.

Security and safety tips to consider when away from home:
1. Beware of remote jamming. Always check that you have locked the car with your remote by actually double checking – try the door handle and ensure that it does not open.
2. Keep your keys handy when returning to your car – you don’t want to be fumbling in your handbag looking for them and then not be alert to your surroundings.
3. Keep your handbags and wallets close to your body.
4. When driving, keep your handbags, wallets and other valuables out of sight, preferably locked in the boot of your car.
5. ATM withdrawals – stand close to the machine and keep your pin protected. DON’T let anyone disturb you. If you feel uncomfortable, cancel the transaction and retrieve your card. Report the incident to bank officials immediately.
6. Don’t draw attention to yourself if you have a lot of cash on you.
7. Carry pepper spray - this is useful when warding off an assailant. KSS have pepper spray for sale at their offices.
8. Carry a whistle – if this is on your key ring it is useful and easy to access if you have your keys in your hand.
9. Try to go out with a “buddy” or let someone else know you are going out and when you are likely to return home.

Meet some more of the KSS Team
Elaine O’Farrell – Financial assistant. Elaine has been with Knight for over 10 years and is a real asset to our operation.
Louise Nel – Human Resources. Louise is incredibly diligent and dedicated. We could not ask for a better HR person to assist with managing our staffing.
Yolande (Joe) Dreyer – Debt Collecting. Joe carries out her function at KSS with focus and determination. It is not a nice job to perform but she is commended on her efforts.
Monique van Deventer – Reception and Personal Assistant. Monique performs critical functions in the business like, stats collection, weekly calls to guarding clients and a number of other necessary functions (like baking cakes for birthdays). Monique is organised and diligent with her responsibilities.
Lungi Nzimande – Human Resources assistant. Lungi’s knowledge of the security industry is vast and she is a key role player in assisting management and HR with staffing.
Zanele Mvelase – Receptionist. Zanele has been promoted from our Office Assistant and Cleaning lady to our new receptionist. This is a lovely opportunity for her to continue growing in our organisation.
Jaco Ronquest – Site Supervisor. Jaco is the kindest, most helpful person you could ever meet. He takes his job function seriously and is a real asset to KSS.
Brad Wardell – Dog Unit Supervisor. Brad’s passion for dogs and knowledge of working with dogs has afforded KSS to opportunity to establish and now manage a fully functional K9 unit. What a difference this has made to the safety and security of the sites we guard that have our dogs on-site.


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