Village Talk - 3 February 2016

Your change of cell number/s and email addresses
Please remember to alert our KSS Control Centre on 033 3305911 if you have changed your cell number/s or email addresses. We need to ensure that we have a current data base and are able to make contact with our clients. You can email this information though to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Valuable advice
There was some great advice given by the Community Crime Prevention Organisation in the Amanzimtoti area, and it is relevant for residents in all areas, including Howick.

1. Often children are targeted for their electronic devices. While walking to or from school, children are often seen totally preoccupied with their cell phones and are easy targets. Please advise children about the dangers of using their cell phones and tablets in public. They need to be aware of what is going on around them and not be focused solely on their device.

2. When a house is sold and it is going to be unoccupied for more than a day or two, it may be worth having a guard posted at the premises to prevent the theft of copper piping including the geyser. In a recent incident a house was stripped of its copper piping and geyser to a replacement value of more than the cost of posting a guard for a month. (NOTE: there have been a few incidents of vacant properties being broken into in Howick and the surrounds of late).

3. It has been noted that even though premises have electric fences, suspects sometimes gain entry by throwing a blanket or other item over the wires. An alarm can be connected to the electric fence to warn if it is breached or tampered with. Ongoing maintenance is very important. Contact your security service provider for advice on monitoring of electric fence lines.

On-going support for SAPS
We need to support our local SAPS. Report crime - no matter how trivial it may be. It is also wise to support the local Community Policing Forum’s (CPF). The following meetings occur during each month:

Mpophomeni CPF – first Thursday evening of each month at 5pm (4 February 2016)
Hilton CPF – third Thursday evening of each month at 6pm (18 February 2016)
Howick CPF – last Thursday evening of each month at 5.30pm (25 February 2016)

Contact your relevant local SAPS offices for more details regarding these meetings.
Mpophomeni 033 238 0078
Hilton 033 845 6500
Howick 033 239 9340

Power of team work
Collective relationships are crucial if we want to make progress in combatting crime. Your role as a community member is just as vital as our role (KSS) or SAPS in the community. Communication is key, and the past month highlights numerous success stories where good communication and team work have solved crimes and resulted in arrests being made.

KSS have solid and great working relationships with all community role players such as SAPS, RTI, fire department, SPCA, Municipality (water and lights), ambulance services, towing services, snake removals and many more. Our KSS Control Centre is able to assist you 24/7. KSS also work with other security service providers in Pietermaritzburg and the Midlands.

Recently a KSS client contacted our Control Centre from Pietermaritzburg as he had just witnessed a hit and run where a child had been injured. He contacted the KSS Control Centre out of desperation and KSS were able to dispatch ER24 and assist in facilitating the appropriate emergency response.

SA CAN epitomises “team work” and our relationship with SA CAN continues to grow daily. There have been many, many success stories where SA CAN and KSS have worked seamlessly together to help our Midlands community. The beauty of SA CAN though, is that it goes with you anywhere in South Africa and Southern Africa. No matter what your need, crisis or emergency is, SA CAN is there to assist. To join SA CAN please contact SA CAN admin on 0861623646 or go to

CCTV in the Howick CBD
Have we reached a stage where it should now be seriously considered that CCTV cameras are put up in the Howick CBD to monitor crime and traffic infringements. Your comments would be most welcome on this topic. Please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It needs to be made clear that a project like this can only get off the ground if it is supported and funded at Municipal level.


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