Village Talk - 6 July 2016

Personal Security Seminar including aspects of “self-defence” with Don Gold and Knight Security Solutions
C.A.R.M (Conflict avoidance, Resolution and Management)
Date: Tuesday 26 July 2016
Venue: Howick Community Church
Time: 8am – 1pm (BYO water and snack)
Cost: R100 pp (To be paid PRIOR to the course)
Payments made to: Knight Security Solutions
Bank: FNB Branch: Howick Branch code: 220725
Acc number: 62495641485
Reference: Name + self defence
No matter your age or strength – you will walk away from this seminar with practical skills.
Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0333305911 and ask for Monique.

Domestic workers safety and security workshop
A Knight Security Solutions community initiative alongside Don Gold.
Date: Wednesday 27 July 2016
Venue: Howick Community Church
Time: 2 – 5pm
Cost: FREE
Please join your Domestic workers. An interpreter will used.
Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0333305911 and ask for Monique.

Pepper spray
On sale from the KSS offices (2 Greenfields Place, Merrivale)
45ml – R75
60ml – R85
Pepper spray is the best “non-lethal” personal weapon in the world. You should have some accessible at all times.

Basic security advice:
• Always set your alarm.
• When you are at home, be aware of noises outside and pay attention to doors and windows left open.
• Be responsible for your OWN safety and security. Get to know your immediate neighbours. Community buy into crime projects or initiatives is usually only between 20 – 25%, so you really do need to make sure that YOU and your family are your number 1 focus.
• Make your property “less desirable” to break into than those around you. Deflect the crime away from you.
• Create extra layers of protection around your house. Put up security gates, glass “smash” sensors on large panes of windows, external beams that can be active while you are at home and gate tampering sensors linked to your alarm. All these options slow down criminals and also allow for early warning and detection.

Latest news - LED alarm status lights (little blue or red light)
The current security trend is to now make sure that the alarm status LED light is NOT visible from the road. With the status of your alarm being visible to the road, anyone driving past can establish if the alarm is set or not. For further innovative advice regarding this issue, contact Sashen on 0828700138 or Keshen on 0833935265.

Service your alarm system
Before you go away make sure that your alarm system is fully functional. Getting your alarm serviced should be something that you do annually to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

Overgrown vegetation
Clear vegetation along electric fence lines as this reduces the number of false alarms considerably. Also clear vegetation that may have grown over or is obstructing external beams.

Fence lines and alarms
Please be aware that we have had numerous reports of fences being cut (bonnox and palisade). The modus operandi is to neatly cut the fence and remove the cut-out portions with the hope that the homeowner / business owner does not notice. Then the criminals come back to the premises later on or the next day. Electric fences need to be regularly maintained. Ensure that no wires are damaged or touching. Also ensure that there is no overgrown vegetation along the fence line. Continuous false alarms take up valuable time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ENTIRE PERIMETER FENCING REGULARLY.

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