Village Talk - 14 September 2016

Suspects apprehended and stolen items recovered

KSS have apprehended over 6 suspects in the past 4 weeks. All these suspects were handed over to the respective SAPS stations for further prosecution. KSS also recovered numerous stolen items that have been returned to their owners / our clients. There are, however, two unclaimed items:
1. A bicycle recovered on the D292 in the Merrivale farming area.
2. A truck sail cover.
Both items must be clearly described and identified by the owners before KSS will hand them over.

Note: There is also still a lost gate/alarm remote at the KSS offices that needs to be identified. It was found in the Greendale Park area on the corner of Ridge Road and York Road a fortnight ago.

Suspicious vehicles
Always take note of as many details pertaining to the suspicious vehicle as possible, such as:
• The make and model
• Colour
• Registration number (really important to get this accurate)
• Distinguishing features (dents, stickers, tinted windows etc…)
• Details of the occupants - if possible.
KSS are able to communicate these details to various other security companies in the area, as well as SAPS, who will then also look-out for the vehicle.

Community Bobbies Patrol (CBP)
The Community Bobbies Patrol project in the Greendale Park and Eridene areas of Howick North has proved to be extremely successful and a great community project. A lot of people have moved into the area over the past year and we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word to friends and neighbours in the area. If anyone wants to join the Community Bobbies Patrol project in the Greendale Park and Eridene areas, then please contact Yaneesha on 033 3305911 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You have to take ownership of community projects and support all community efforts in keeping our neighbourhoods, homes and children safe.

SA CAN – The Brutal Truth about crime
Please take some time to go to the hyperlink below and then read the article written by Brian Jones (Founder of SA CAN). It is an incredibly informative piece on rural and urban crime.

Spare wheel theft
There has been an increase in the theft of spare wheels off bakkies. Please ensure that your spare wheel is secured and not easily accessible.

Set your alarms
There were a number of incidents during the past month, that occurred at premises where the alarms had not been set or there was no alarm installed. Please be vigilant and set your alarms.

KSS 24/7 Control Centre
The KSS Control Centre is manned 24/7 with highly competent staff that are trained to deal with emergency situations. Remember, you can call KSS not only for crime related issues, but also fire, medical, snakes, SAPS assistance etc… We are here to help. All calls made into or out of the KSS Control Centre are recorded. The number is 033 3305911.

Crime reality
The reality of crime is that once again, our KSS Reaction Officers encountered armed intruders numerous times over the past month. This is becoming a more frequent occurrence (at least 7 times over the past 4 weeks), and a cause for some serious concern. The lives of not only our clients, but also our staff, are incredibly valuable and important to us. Changes to the operational procedures at KSS are inevitable, and will be made in the best interests of our clients, staff and the community at large. Your continued support of our efforts is always appreciated.


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