Village Talk - 9 November 2016

URGENT - Cable Theft

We really need your help. When I say we, I mean not only KSS, but ESKOM, Rock Power, SPOORNET, TRANSNET and the SAPS. Cable theft (especially copper) is rife at the moment and is having a severe impact, not only on all of us personally and financially, but on work productivity in many local businesses, due to “down time”. Report anything suspicious to the KSS Control Centre on 033 330 5911 or to your local SAPS:
      Howick SAPS: 033 239 9340
      Hilton SAPS: 033 845 6500
      Mpophomeni SAPS: 033 238 0078

Hilton, Merrivale, Howick West and Howick have all been severely hit by these criminals, who are proficient in the electrical industry. The outlying areas of Balgowan, Ligetton, Nottingham Road and Mooi River have also been hit, especially the railway lines. Please also be aware that some cables that have been “freshly” cut may still be live. Please do not touch them – rather report and let the experts handle it.

Armed robbery
In the early hours of Saturday 8 October there was another business robbery in the Howick CBD. KSS responded within 2 minutes and there were 7 shots fired at one of the KSS vehicles and Response Officer by the armed criminals. Two bullets hit the KSS vehicles and fortunately no one was harmed. The criminals fled in a white BMW and there was also a second vehicle, a white VW Polo, involved in the incident.

NOTE: Numerous incidents have involved a white BMW and white VW Polo or white VW Golf of late.

Hijacking and attempted hijacking
The N3 between Merrivale and Lion’s River is a “hot spot” for hi-jackings and you are advised to be extra vigilant at the on and off-ramps between these areas. There were two recently reported incidents. The first occurred on the N3 near the Tweedie onramp to Howick at about 20h45. A white VW polo (new shape) NP 70811 with a blue light on the dash board and tinted windows was involved in the attempted hijacking of a truck. The VW Polo drove off when they realised they were being observed by another motorist.

The second incident occurred on Prospect Road just off the Midmar off-ramp into Howick. A Corsa was hijacked (with NR number plate) by 1 Black male and 2 Indian males in a Hyundai minibus. All the men were armed with firearms.

Con artists
This is an appeal, especially to the elderly residents in our area, to be very aware of con artists. Please don’t trust strangers who appear to be offering to sell goods or offering to “help” you. Hold onto your handbags tightly and advise them that you “do not need help”. Please don’t trust someone who has something “to good to be true” to offer you.

Petty opportunistic crime
Please be aware that criminals are looking out for “easy pickings”. Please don’t leave garden items, bicycles, clothing, toys etc… outside in view of the road. Please ensure that such items are locked away, preferably in an alarmed area.

General advice
Please remember to remain vigilant at all times. Whether you live in a free-standing residence or in a fenced / gated community estate, you need to be aware of your personal security. Security starts at home, with you! Take ownership, be aware and report anything suspicious to your security service provider.


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