Village Talk - 22 February 2017

Village Talk
22 February 2017

Critical alarm information
Please can you ensure that when you are not at home that you alarm is activated. ALSO make sure that no windows are left open and no pets are left inside your house. There are MANY false alarms coming through to the control room due to winds and storms blowing curtains in front of beams, windows banging in the wind and pets moving around the inside of the house. Please take responsibility and respect the fact that your false alarm may have a negative effect on someone else in dire need of a more urgent response.

Hilton Hawks – a proactive community initiative
Knight Security Solutions have now been running the Hilton Street Hawks Security Project since 1 September 2016 and would like to encourage more Hilton residents to join the initiative. For more information please click on:

Apprehending criminals
A thank you to all our KSS staff involved in facilitating and responding to “calls for help” from the community, and for apprehending criminals on a regular basis. KSS have apprehended over ten (10) criminals this past month, with SAPS facilitating many more. Also, a thank you to SAPS and the SAPS Dog Unit for all their support and effective work done over the past few weeks.

PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) Notice
PSIRA are taking the process of “cleaning” up the private security industry very seriously. We, at Knight Security Solutions fully support this initiative. Communication was received by KSS this past week and we welcome the fact that it is aimed at educating consumers in the industry. KSS aspire to the highest standards and in our last PSIRA audit attained 100% compliance.

As stated in the communication: “Our (PSIRA) commitment in ensuring that we increase compliance levels in the industry. One of the initiatives highlighted as a priority area was the educational campaign for the public and consumers of private security. Towards the end of last year in October 2016, PSIRA ran an awareness campaign on DSTV channels and to intensify the awareness campaign, we have also placed the commercial with SABC TV channels”.

PSIRA – Commercial schedule
Day Date Channel Time Program Duration
Thur 2017/02/23 SABC1 22:20 YILUNGELO LAKHO 30
Sun 2017/02/26 SABC1 10:10 MZANSI INSIDER 30
Mon 2017/02/27 SABC1 23:20 DAILY THETHA S1 30
Sat 2017/02/25 SABC2 7:50 MORNING LIVE 30
Mon 2017/02/27 SABC2 23:40 NAVY NCIS S12 30
Wed 2017/02/22 SABC3 17:25 AFTERNOON EXPRESS 30
Thur 2017/02/23 SABC2 22:20 TRENDING SA 30
Fri 2017/02/24 SABC1 18:50 NEWS @ 18:30 30
Mon 2017/02/27 SABC1 9:50 TRENDZ 30
Tue 2017/02/28 SABC1 6:40 EXPRESSO 30

Numbering properties
Please ensure that your property (home and business) is clearly numbered. This makes it much easier for emergency services (Security Company, Ambulance, SAPS, Fire Department etc...) to locate your property.

We all need to work together in combatting crime. Knight Security Solutions is an industry leader and with our innovative, new “two-up” system of TWO (2) Armed Reaction Officers per response vehicle, we can see the positive difference this is making. KSS will continue to “care for our communities” by going the extra mile. Our staff are observant and take their roles as “safety officers” in our communities seriously.


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