Village Talk - 6 December 2017

Village Talk 6 December 2017

Knight Security Solutions Operations staff and SAPS have been proactive and implemented a joint visible patrolling operation over the past month. This has seen a decrease in serious crime over the past 5 weeks. There is no other security company in the Midlands that cares more about you and your family’s safety and security than Knight Security Solutions. There is a lot to be said for 29 years of local knowledge and a hands on approach to community safety.

A reminder about personal safety and security
You need to take responsibility for your own safety and security. What emergency plan do you have in place? Do you have a secure property with an alarm, panic buttons and armed response? Do you have a family emergency plan should an incident occur (fire, robbery etc…)? Do you have local emergency contact numbers somewhere visible in your house? Do you have relevant emergency contact numbers on speed dial on your phone? Do you know your neighbours?

Please take cognizance of these points and try to make an effort to keep yourself and your family safer. Our KSS Control Room is able to assist or facilitate any emergency response. Call 033 330 5911 for emergency assistance.

Check your alarm systems
With the festive season approaching it is important to ensure that your alarm system is fully functional. Many people leave this to the last minute before they go away. Be proactive and check that your systems are working optimally. Please do not hesitate to contact KSS should you need a service done or upgrades made to your existing system. You can contact Gary on 0828947628 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Keshen on 0833935265 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Lock-up and go advice for the upcoming festive season
The last thing you want is a positive break-in while you are away on holiday. Here are a few things you can do before leaving for the holidays.

1. Alert your alarm company
Just switching on your alarm and jumping into your car is not sufficient. First ensure that your alarm is working, and then let your alarm company know that you will be away.

2. A presence and proactive activity
Try to ensure that there is some activity in and around your home. Whether you have a friend or family member making regular “pop-by” visits to feed your pet or have someone staying the night. The little bit of activity will keep criminals at bay. You can also have a light, TV or radio on a timer to go on and off periodically during the night – giving the impression that there is someone home.

3. Social media
Don’t advertise your travel plans on any social media; rather share the details and upload photo’s when you get back.

4. Hold your post/mail
One of the most noticeable signs that there is no one at home is a pile of post and newspapers in the letterbox at the end of your driveway. Consider hiring a post box and tell the media company to put a hold on your daily newspaper. Failing that, get someone to collect your post and newspaper on a daily basis.

5. Lighting and fencing
Ensure that outside lights are also on a day-light timer and that the foliage is cleared along your fence line. Many verges are overgrown at this time of the year, and do create a security hazard as criminals can easily hide away.

What you also need to consider when away from home:
1. Beware of remote jamming. Always check that you have locked the car with your remote by actually double checking – try the door handle and ensure that it does not open.
2. Keep your keys handy when returning to your car – you don’t want to be fumbling in your handbag looking for them and then not be alert to your surroundings.
3. Keep your handbags and wallets close to your body.
4. When driving, keep your handbags, wallets and other valuables out of sight, preferably locked in the boot of your car.
5. ATM withdrawals – stand close to the machine and keep your pin protected. DON’T let anyone disturb you. If you feel uncomfortable, cancel the transaction and retrieve your card. Report the incident to bank officials immediately.
6. Don’t draw attention to yourself if you have a lot of cash on you.
7. Carry pepper spray - this is useful when warding off an assailant.
8. Carry a whistle – if this is on your key ring it is useful and easy to access if you have your keys in your hand.
9. Try to go out with a “buddy” or let someone else know you are going out and when you are likely to return home.

Have a safe festive season and enjoy the special time with family and friends. Remember, KSS work 24/7 and are available to assist with any emergency.


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