Village Talk - 2 May 2018

Village Talk Report
2 May 2018

Knight Security Solutions (KSS) has once again had another successful Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) 100% audit compliance issued. We are very pleased with this achievement. KSS will continue to work alongside our SAPS and other emergency services to ensure we deliver quality service and respond to community emergencies. Thank you to all our loyal clients and the community as a whole for your support in our endeavours. We always take heed of feedback and will continue to improve on service delivery.

KSS Incidents
KSS are proactive in all incidents reported, and the relevant SAPS or emergency services are engaged. KSS also conducted additional patrols in those areas affected by crime incidents.

KSS incidents over the past month are as follows: 24 incidents in Howick (17 business and 7 residential), 5 incidents in Howick West (all residential), 2 incidents in Hilton (1 residential and 1 general), 13 incidents in Merrivale (6 business, 5 residential and 2 farms) and then 3 incidents in the surrounding areas.

KSS Operations staff have had a rewarding and productive month. Armed Reaction Officers have been proactive with patrolling and eight (8) suspects were apprehended by observant KSS Officers, and handed over to the relevant SAPS. This is a wonderful collective effort by all KSS staff.

Copper Theft
Copper theft is a serious concern again and many people are still not reporting incidents to SAPS. Please take the time to report the incidents of copper / non-ferrous metal theft to your relevant SAPS. Howick CBD has been particularly hard-hit.

Unalarmed outbuildings
KSS Operations staff have also attended to a number of break-ins to unalarmed outbuildings. Please may we recommend that outbuildings are alarmed to ensure the early detection of intruders. Please contact Keshen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 083 393 5265 for further professional advice.

KSS Control Room
The KSS Controllers in our 24/7 Control Room are the unsung heroes of making sure that criminal, medical, fire and emergency related incidents are dealt with in a professional and timeous manner. We have worked hard in training and sourcing the best controllers in the Midlands and are very proud of our competent team.

Add the KSS Control Room number 033 330 5911 to speed dial on your phone or download TrackBox and select Knight Security Solutions (KSS) as your service provider.

Remember … “You are safe with us”!


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