Village Talk - 15 August 2018

Remote Jamming
Don’t just walk away from your vehicle – double check it!

Knight Security Solutions is ever aware of safety and security concerns raised by the community. Remote jamming is one such crime that deserves attention as it is still occurring in our areas.

What is remote jamming?
When you leave your vehicle and push the remote to activate the locking system, a criminal nearby pushes a similar remote at the same time, effectively blocking the signal of the locking remote. This causes the person to believe their vehicle is locked but it is actually left open for the criminal to freely access.

How does remote jamming work?
Many modern remote controls work with radio waves that use an allocated radio frequency, hence they are vulnerable. Most remote controls, including those for motor vehicles, gate, and garage automation operate on a frequency of 433MHz, and understandably, this frequency has become very busy.

When a remote control button is pressed, it sends a message (command) on the allocated frequency to a receiver (in the vehicle) to perform an action: lock or unlock the vehicle. At the other end, the receiver is “listening” for a specific message that it can interpret to perform a required action.

But, when a button of another remote is pressed in close proximity, the receiver receives (hears) two messages simultaneously. The two messages are then scrambled, the receiver cannot interpret the message and therefore no action is initiated (the vehicle’s doors are not locked).

Thieves often use a standard frequency gate or garage remote control to jam the signal sent by a car remote control. To make matters worse, there are also now “professional” jamming devices available that function on a range of frequencies and that have much higher signal power. These devices can influence a vehicle’s remote control from a much greater distance.

It should be noted that these remote control and jamming devices cannot unlock your vehicle. They can only stop your remote control from working properly when trying to lock the vehicle.

How to avoid becoming a victim of remote jamming?
• Never push the remote locking whilst walking away from the vehicle.
• Check that the vehicle is locked by testing the door/s before walking away. Then PHYSICALLY double-check that your car has been locked. Do this every single time you lock your car!
• Ensure the boot is also locked.
• Park your car in a secure parking area.
• Be aware of the surroundings at all times.
• Take note of suspicious persons or activity in and around the parking area. Report suspicious activity to security
• Do not leave valuables in an unattended vehicle or keep items out-of-sight.

By being vigilant and minimising the appeal of your car as a target, you will more than likely avoid becoming a victim of remote jamming theft. YOU have to take ownership of your own safety and security.


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