Village Talk - 26 September 2018

Village Talk
26 September 2018

Remote Jamming
Make sure that your vehicle is locked before you walk away from it. There have been a number of recent incidents. Report remote jamming immediately to centre security, SAPS or call Knight Security Solutions on 033 330 5911.

Personal Safety Presentations
Debbie Preston has been invited to numerous schools recently to talk to the learners and provide them with some really simple, effective and powerful information to ensure that they are better mentally aware of their own safety. Debbie is available to do presentations for schools, businesses, residential estates, staff development etc… on Personal Safety. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 083 775 6296. There is a cost involved.

Apprehending criminals
KSS Reaction Officers and Operations staff have apprehended over 85 criminals in Howick, Hilton, Merrivale and the surrounding areas so far this year. This is 70% higher than this time last year. The main reason for this success is the proactive, dedicated KSS staff that care about YOU. There are also a number of other contributing factors that include more community participation and communication in terms of reporting suspicious people or vehicles.

Increase in opportunistic crime
There has been an increase in petty crime and intruders. The perpetrators are small groups of males between the ages of 18 to 30. These men are looking for any items of value lying around outside houses or visible from the road. They are also targeting un-alarmed houses, outbuildings and vehicles.

Please report suspicious people and ensure that you get accurate descriptions of the suspicious person/s and vehicles. There are guidelines of what to look for (people and vehicles) on our Knight Security Solution’s website and Facebook page.

Response to Incidents
Please note that WhatsApp and social media are not formal mediums through which security companies dispatch an Armed Response vehicle. Security company structures are far more complex and the dispatch of an Armed Response vehicle is primarily through alarm and panic activation signals, as well as direct phone calls to the Control Room.

Please report anything suspicious to our 24/7 Knight Security Solutions Control Room on 033 330 5911. Please report all incidents of a criminal nature to your local SAPS as well.
SAPS Howick 033 239 9340
SAPS Mpophomeni 033 238 0078
SAPS Hilton 033 845 6500 / 033 845 6521

Take Ownership
You have to take responsibility for your personal security at home and be vigilant when you are out and about. Even if you live in a secure complex/estate, YOU have to make sure that you lock and secure your garages, doors and premises at night or if you are not at home. Also ensure that, if you have an alarm, that you set it when you are out during the day and then again when you go to sleep at night.

Home Security
Be proactive and ensure that your home and outbuildings are well secured with an alarm and external beams as an early warning systems. CCTV cameras are also effective. For all your security needs and professional advice, call Gary on 082 894 7628 or Keshen on 082 326 5672. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember – You are safer with us!


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