The Howick Herald - 14 November 2018

Security tips for the Festive Season by Knight Security Solutions

Remember to plan for a safe and secure holiday season. The festive season unfortunately sees a rise in criminal activities. By simply preparing, being sensible and cautious, you can enjoy the festive season more. Here are our most effective tips for holiday safety and security:

1. Install an alarm
An important layer of defence to your home is an alarm system. Ensure that if you do have an alarm system that it is in good working order. Take responsibility and test your alarm system at least 4 weeks before you go away.

2. All locked up
Even if you are going out for a short time, lock your house and windows. Make sure that you also set your alarm.

3. Don’t provide cover for would be criminals (cut back foliage)
Deter criminals from targeting your house by ensuring you cut back trees and bushes. Investigate installing movement sensor lights and report broken street lights. KSS also suggest making sure your house number is visible for the fastest response if you need to call for help.

4. Upgrade your defences
Make sure that broken locks or doors and windows that have been damaged or tampered with in are repaired. Make sure that you have strong gates on doors and burglar guards on windows. External PIR beams are also an effective early warning system. Also ensure that your perimeter fence is an effective deterrent.

5. Monitor all out-buildings
Garages, out-buildings and garden sheds are often targets for criminals who can then use your tools or ladders to gain access to the main house. Linking these outside areas to your house alarm system or installing a movement sensor light can be a useful deterrents, along with keyed locks.

6. Don’t make you house or business an obvious target
Ask friends to collect your mail and to stop junk mail from building up in your letterbox while you’re away from home. A neighbour parking in your driveway can also help signal the house is not unoccupied. Other measures could include internal lights or a radio set on timers and organising for someone to mow your lawn.

7. Guard your keys
Most people know not to hide keys somewhere in the house but also make sure that you don’t lend out your keys. Keys are easily copied and can provide criminals with fast access to your house.

8. Store valuables in a safe
Ensure that your safe is correctly installed. Here is some advice:
• The safe should be epoxied to the walls.
• Then bolted to the walls and floor.
• It should be rawl bolted and epoxied to at least TWO walls and the floor.
• Further to that, it is highly recommended that the safe then be concreted in.
• Is your safe robust enough to with stand a crowbar forcing the door open? If not then you need to reconsider getting a more robust safe if you are going to go to the measures outlined above.
• Monitoring of the safe can be incorporated into an existing alarm system or be monitored independently if needed.

9. Don’t advertise valuables
Take a look at your house from the outside and see what is visible from the road. Don’t leave valuables lying around outside or inside your house that are within view from the road. Many criminals are opportunistic and will quickly steal items left lying around.

10. Make friends with your neighbours
In tight knit communities, people look out for each other. Neighbours can report suspicious activity at your home and help when you’re away – and you can return the favour.

If you need any further advice please contact the KSS offices on 033 3305911 at any time of day or knight. For further security advice you can contact Keshen on 083 393 5265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact Gary on 082 8947 628 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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