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 Village Talk: 04 May 2014

Together SA CAN is excited to announce that Knight Security Solutions (KSS) is the company that has brought us into the Howick community and surrounding Midlands areas. SA CAN offers support to KSS in terms of technology, sms, mms, eAlerts, family matters, community crime prevention, medical operations, ambulance services (ER24 and numerous other local services), emergency flight operations, support to wildlife, SPCA, crisis care and roadside assistance, just to name a few. Furthermore, SA CAN offers a network that binds all South Africans into a common cause, primarily to support one another and the SAPS.

SA CAN was established in 2003 by Brian Jones with the support of his emergency services colleagues and community in response to the death of a police colleague, Craig Ayliffe on 10 July 2002. Craig was shot dead while responding to a house robbery in Botha's Hill.

Brian's dream is to establish a network of passionate emergency service members, in all possible fields and in so doing, unite the public in a proactive mindset. Membership has grown substantially over the last 11 years and now consists of over 11 000 financially subscribing members (with approximately 30 000 members overall).

On 14 March 2010, SA CAN was asked to assist with the Ralfe farm murder in Colenso. Then, in July 2010 when Lorraine Karg, Hilda Linyane and Zacheus Mhlongo were murdered during a farm attack in Mooi River, SA CAN was instrumental in fast-tracking the investigation process and offering support to the family. Subsequently, Kita Karg has come alongside SA CAN to assist in educating the public on the importance of crime scene preservation and providing support to the SAPS, two of SA CAN's most critical goals. SA CAN has realised that the farming community have completely different challenges to the urban environment; particularly time, distance and a poor understanding of the latest crime prevention technology, coupled with isolation from many emergency service organisations. We are actually far less short on resources than we realise!

SA CAN has developed and continues to run the first national community emergency Incident Management Centre (IMC) in South Africa. The national IMC is supported by 87 organisations and has a R1.4 million website that networks with all relevant role players, ensuring that all emergencies are handled as efficiently as possible by the correct people.

A primary service offered to subscribers is a location-based LBS / GPS AAA (Anything, Anytime, Anywhere) Button, programmed on each subscriber's cell phone. When pressed, it is able to position, track and trace you anywhere in the country. This button can be used in case of any emergency, whether criminal, medical or "good Samaritan" in nature. No matter whether you are on a medical aid or not, your AAA button is linked not only to ER24 ambulance services and advanced life support but all other emergency services in the Midlands and nationally, as well as the national Halo Aviation ER24 helicopters and Air Mercy Services.

AAA BUTTON 087 5500 911 (SPEED DIAL #5)

Big developments are taking place in the Midlands as we embark on the first model-setting pilot project with Knight Security Solutions, whereby a localised SA Guardians & Community Safety NPC (not-for-profit company) office is being set up to pull all community resources together, allowing KSS to concentrate on what they do best; alarm installations, monitoring, localised armed response and guarding, and SA CAN to add a totally new dimension to the operations of KSS and the services available in the Midlands community.

SA CAN will act as a support structure to assist with all emergencies (medical, criminal, pets and wildlife, crisis centres and general concerns), providing national technology and operational resources so that KSS travels with their clients, no matter where they go in South Africa.

VCATThe NPC is an available support structure for all community operations and associations and is funded by the community, for the community. It is 100% neutral; KSS is helping to establish and pioneer this powerful community tool and networking centre. Our main focus is to support the SAPS. Another NPC component is VCAT, which stands for Violent Crimes Apprehension Team and is the operational unit of SA CAN's not-for-profit company, SA Guardians and Community Safety.

SA CAN supports several organizations with the priority crimes of poaching, (armed) house robbery, business robbery, car/truck jacking, murder and rape, as well tracking, tracing, positioning and recovery of our entire SA CAN family. Again, being an NPC ensures the integrity and neutrality of the objective of supporting South Africa in the fight against crime. It also means every cent is used and is not diluted by the need to earn profit, so that VCAT's only goal is the measurable results it produces. It also provides a place for employment for specialised emergency services and we are very happy to be starting a new career path within South Africa and assisting government and the community. SA CAN is hoping to have a VCAT permanently stationed in Howick.

SA CAN is the only organisation in South Africa that has written its own protocols for subscribing members to request immediate advanced life support assistance, ground or air. This means that based on joint discussion, the helicopter and advanced life support will be mobilised without the usual delays associated with pre-approval from a medical aid - which requires a doctor or paramedic to determine the severity of an injury. Even in an urban environment, a quick response takes 15 to 20 minutes and as far as SA CAN is concerned, you do not need to be a medical practitioner to know that a person needs critical care for a serious traumatic injury.

SA CAN also runs a unique programme called Township SOS, which ensures that every community member is embraced in a holistic way. Anyone can send a "please call me" or "call-back" to the IMC, to report a concern, emergency or pass on any relevant crime-related information. The Township SOS programme has been extremely well-received by all communities in which it has been implemented.

SOS PLEASE CALL ME (PCM) 083 799 1916

Check out the SA CAN website for more information on what it has to offer at

To find out more about what Knight Security Solutions and SA CAN are up to, please consider joining us at one of our presentation evenings coming up in April and May. The dates and the venue are shown below.

Brian Jones (CEO of SA CAN)
Kita Karg (Guest speaker for SA CAN)
Debbie Preston (Knight Security Solutions)





Wednesday 7 May

Howick High School
Team Teaching Room

6.30pm – 8pm

Knight Security Solutions
What we are?
What we are doing for our community?

Tuesday 13 May

Howick High School
Team Teaching Room

6.30pm – 8pm

Knight Security Solutions
What we are?
What we are doing for our community?

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