Village Talk Front Page - 15 November 2017

Knight Security Solutions tackles crime head on!

SAPS released the National Crime Stats for South Africa on 24 October 2017. The stark reality is that crime is a serious problem EVERYWHERE in our country. Robbery at residential premises is at its highest in 10 years with 22,343 reported cases - an increase of 7.3% this year. Robbery with aggravating circumstances has increased by 6.4% – also the highest it has been in a decade

Howick is no stranger to crime waves, but the current crimes committed are more brazen than we have ever seen. According to Gary Preston, owner of Knight Security Solutions (KSS) and key role-player in our community for 29 years, this wave of crime has elicited many emotive responses from the community, with KSS being the target of much unfounded blame and accusation. The current gang that has hit Howick is an organised crime syndicate that is receiving high level attention from SAPS at Provincial level. Preston says that serious crime like this has to be escalated to the likes of Provincial and National SAPS, who work very closely alongside SA CAN.

KSS are proactive and have tracked the crime trends in Howick and its surrounds for some years now. If we look at the statistical facts, one will see the incredibly positive impact KSS has had in combatting crime in our area (Howick, Howick West, Merrivale and Hilton), particularly over the past year. Where crime nationally has seen a significant rise, crime in our local community (Howick, Howick West, Merrivale and Hilton) has actually seen a decrease for KSS clients. Preston attributes this success to the fact that KSS implemented the “2-up” Armed Reaction Officers in November 2016 and since then we have seen positive results. KSS are also quick to respond, follow-up timeously on crime related investigations and work shoulder to shoulder with the various local SAPS and SA CAN.

KSS Clients Statistics: 2016 compared to 2017 (up to 11 November 2017)

• Positive Break-ins are down by 64% overall for 2017.
• Attempted Break-ins are down by 63% overall for 2017.
• Arrests made are up by 21% overall for 2017.
• The total number for ALL crime related incidents (serious to petty) is down by 62% for 2017.

Another key factor in combatting crime effectively is community involvement, and for the first time the Howick community has woken up to the fact that they can contribute and support the efforts of security companies such as KSS and the local SAPS. WhatsApp groups are vocal but have to be controlled and information needs to be reliable, relevant and concise. In fact, accordingly to Brian Jones, CEO of SA CAN, the future of tracking and verifying crime related communication is in the “TrackBox” App, patented by Jones himself. It must also be noted that WhatsApp is NOT a medium through which security companies dispatch a response. Security company structures are far more complex and the dispatch of an Armed Reaction unit is primarily through alarm and panic activation signals, as well as direct phone calls to the Control Room.  

KSS Management also recently met with the Visionary Team of the newly established Howick Safety Network (HSN), an independent team of experts in their fields, to address the current crime issues. A further meeting is being held tonight by various additional community role-players and cell leaders, to strategically plan, alongside KSS and SAPS, so that all key community role-players are on the same page. Our intention is to also form a small team, who will then meet with our highest Municipal Officials.

It is interesting to note how Howick has evolved over the past 10 years. In 2007 there were 2 informal settlements in an around Howick, with 2 SAPS vehicles available for operations. In 2017 we find up to 10 informal settlements in and around Howick, but still the same compliment of SAPS vehicles available for operations. This is in part attributed to the fact that OFTEN crime is not reported to the local SAPS and cases are not opened. Local crime statistics are then not accurate and National SAPS do not see crime as a serious enough issue in our community to warrant additional resources. A case in point is that over the past month in Howick, well over 20 gate motor batteries have been stolen but NOT one case of theft has been opened at Howick SAPS.

KSS have also had the Bobbies Community Patrolling (BCP) Project running for over 3 years now in the Greendale Park, Lakeview and Eridene Road areas of Howick North, but the support from the community is very poor and criticism levelled at KSS and the BCP Project is often unfounded. The facts of the CBP Project are:
• Membership is 199 households.
• Cost is R100 per month (over and above alarm monitoring and armed response).
• There are over 1200 houses and 30 complexes in the patrolled area.
• The community buy-in is less than 16%.
• KSS supplements the shortfall in funding to keep the project running.
• If KSS had a buy-in of at least 40% (480 financially contributing members) KSS would be able to have 2 vehicles patrolling the area manned with Armed Reaction officers, 24/7.

People need to support local community projects if they want to see change and make Howick an even safer town.

KSS also facilitate the operations of the very effective Hilton Street Hawks Security Initiative in Hilton. The members pay R250 per month (over and above alarm monitoring and armed response services) and a dedicated, professional committee made up of volunteers from the community administer and monitor the initiative. The initiative has seen a reduced rate of crime in the Hilton areas patrolled by the Hilton Street Hawks.

KSS are 100% dedicated to our community, but not any one person or business is infallible – the difference is that KSS will never give up trying to make a HUGE difference for the good of all in our community. Our new premises and state of the art Control Room attest to the fact that we are improving all the time.

(KSS have moved to 5 Old Main Road – next door to their old premises).

Village Talk - 18 October 2017

Well done to ALL Knight Security Solutions (KSS) staff for the time and effort they put into “Caring for our Community” and keeping people, property and possessions safe. Exceptional work by exceptional people who go the extra mile.

Suspicious vehicle
Please be advised that a sliver VW Golf (NP 10163) has been identified at numerous break-ins recently. Report to the KSS Control Room 0n 033 330 5911.

There have been numerous break-ins to buildings / garages / garden sheds that are not protected by alarm systems. A number of clients have had to phone into the KSS 24/7 Control Room to report positive break-ins to these unarmed areas. Outdoor furniture. brush cutters and chain saws appear to be target items at the moment. Please secure your out-buildings, garages and sheds. If you need assistance, please contact Keshen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0833935265.

Vehicle theft
Please be advised that there has been an increase in attempted vehicle theft and it appears that older models of vehicles are being targeted.

Church crime
I have received an email from a local Church warning of a possible new modis operandi in the area. Please be aware of anything / anyone suspicious at church services, memorials, social events etc… as the perpetrators appear to “blend in” with what was going on, and then make off with stolen items from unsuspecting staff or guests.

Knight Cleaning Services (KCS)
KCS now owns “Carpet Care” and is now able to not only clean your homes, business, school, shopping centre or residential estate, but also clean your carpets and upholstery. KCS is run as a totally separate entity within Knight Security Solutions (KSS), under the expert guidance of our Cleaning Supervisor, Alesha Hayward and her capable staff. For any further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 082 8936 076. How about that long over-due “Spring Clean”?

Emergency numbers
Please remember that you can call the Knight Security Solutions Control Room 24 hours for any emergency. The number is 033 3305911. KSS are able to facilitate an emergnecy response to anywhere in our Howick, Merrivale, Hilton area. We have also assisted with dispatch of emergency services to incidents in PMB and our local surrounding areas. KSS also still work very closely with SA CAN who manage all types of emergencies on a National scale. Their number is 0861672226 should you want to contact them directly for more information.

Useful Emergency Contact Numbers
Knight Security Solutions 033 330 5911
SA CAN 086 167 2226
Midlands EMS 074 149 7911
ER24 National 084 124
ER24 Pmb 082 943 1838
ER24 Midlands 079 620 6661
Netcare 911 082 911
Provincial Ambulance 10177
SAPS National 10111
SAPS Howick 033 239 9340
SAPS Mpophomeni 033 238 0078
SAPS Hilton 033 845 6500 / 033 845 6521
Road traffic inspectorate (RTI) 033 342 3939 (PMB)
Road traffic inspectorate (RTI) 033 239 9200 (Umngeni)
Umngeni Fire Dept. 082 804 4414
Umngeni Municipality C/R 033 329 9200 / 033 329 9244
Eskom 033 330 4884 / 086 003 7566
Water 033 392 2128 / 0800 00 1868
Telkom crime line 080 012 4000

Village Talk 16 August 2017

General alarm system update
If you have an alarm system – please arm it when you are not at home, and then at night when you go to bed. Also consider alarming vulnerable outside areas like garages and sheds. There are numerous incidents occurring where alarms have not been set.

Remember, that YOU also need to check that your alarm is working on a monthly basis. How do you do this? Call the KSS Control Room on 033 3305911 and advise the controller that you want to test your alarm. The controller will then guide you through the process and confirm whether a signal has been received in the Control Room or not. If not, then a job card will be made out and a technician will need to address the issue.

Opportunistic Crime
Please be aware that there is increased opportunistic crime taking place. It must be noted that many home-owners leave items outside that are visible from the street. Garden furniture and gas bottles are targeted items at the moment.

Overgrown bushes
Please clear overgrown bushes in and around your property. Bushes make very good hiding places for criminals and it is best to have them cleared away or neatly trimmed.

Cable theft
If you see or hear ANYTHING suspicious pertaining to cable theft, please report to the KSS Control Centre on 033 330 5911 or to your local SAPS:
Howick: 033 239 9340
Hilton: 033 845 6500
Mpophomeni: 033 238 0078

Spring Clean
Don’t forget that Knight Cleaning Services and the newly acquired Carpet Care, can take care of all your Spring Cleaning needs. Call Alesha on 0828936076 for a free quote on a “top-to-toe” home clean, which can now include your carpets and upholstery. You can also email Alesha at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spar Ladies Run/Walk
Once again, the Knight Security Solution’s ladies (and gorgeous males) will be running/walking in the Spar Ladies 5/10km event on Sunday 20 August. We will be raising funds for Howick Hospice. Come on other businesses in our community … we challenge you … this is great for staff morale and raising money for charity.

Village Talk - 3 May 2017

Your home and business alarms
Please make sure that all parts of your personal and business alarm systems are working – including the outdoor beams and the panic buttons. It is your responsibility to test and ensure that your system is working. Should you need any advice please contact Keshen on 083 3935 265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please report all incidents to SAPS – no matter how small. It is concerning to note how few incidents are actually reported to SAPS. YOU, as the victim of a crime, must report the incident to SAPS.

The public also need to attend CPF meetings if you want your voice to be heard.
• Mpophomeni – 1st Thursday of the month at 5pm at Mpophomeni Tourism.
• Hilton – 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm at the Hilton Police Station.
• Howick – Last Thursday of the month at 5.30pm at the Howick Police Station.

Hilton Street Hawks
Any Hilton residents who are interested in supporting the Hilton Street Hawks Project are encouraged to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 082 2196758 for more information. Knight Security Solutions are directly involved in the operations of this project.

Gate batteries
Gate batteries are being targeted again. Please make sure that you have a secured gate motor box. It is suggested that you also have a gate motor / gate opening tamper alarm. This can be linked to your house alarm system. The option of external beams linked to a buzzer in the house, as an early warning, is also a good idea. Please contact Keshen at KSS on 0833935265 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on both these options.

Opportunistic crime and intruders
There have been many reports of opportunistic intruders. Please be aware, alert and report incidents immediately to KSS on 033 3305911. Please also don’t leave items in view of the road, keep garage doors closed during the day and set your alarms when you are not at home. Please also report your crimes to SAPS.

Overgrown foliage
Remember to clear the overgrown foliage in and around your property. Foliage makes good hiding places for criminals who can go unobserved by residents. Please also speak to your neighbours regarding this issue, as their overgrown foliage can adversely affect your safety.

Cable Theft
Cable theft is still a very serious concern in the Midlands. Please report any suspicious activity to KSS on 033 3305911.

Update your information with KSS
Please may I request that if ANY of your details have changed (cell numbers, key holders etc...) that you advise Elaine O’Farrell at the KSS offices at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 033 3305911.


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