Frans Labuschagne - My Story

Herewith is a letter I received from Frans Labuschagne, the Operations Assistant at Knight Security Solutions (KSS). I would like to share his experience of SA CAN and KSS with the community as it epitomises what we at KSS are aiming to achieve in the Midlands community – that being unrivalled security and emergency support for any eventuality.

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Holiday Security Tips

Holidays are a time for the hard working to relax, unwind and get a change of scenery but they are also a period when criminals are on high alert for signs of easy prey and empty houses.

  • A still, dark house with no movement during the day and no lights turned on at night alerts criminals that the home is unoccupied and an easy target. But don't go bananas and leave all the lights on. Just leave a few lights on in the rooms of the house that you would usually turn on in the evening. Purchase a timer at a hardware store, to set the lights to turn on and off at certain times.

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Working together for a safer SA

 Laddsworth: 20 June 2014

Brian Jones, CEO of SA CAN Community Action Network and Debbie Preston, a partner in Knight Security Solutions shared some insight to ways of working together for a safer South Africa with Laddsworth Primary School staff. Recognising the vital support role which teachers play in ensuring children are as safe as possible in any emergency situation, SA CAN listed all Laddsworth staff as subscribers at no cost to themselves. The next SA CAN public presentation will take place at Grace College in Hilton.

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Understanding Medical Response

Village Talk: 07 May 2014

In the world of medical response, we face a very dire situation, especially in KZN. The public are generally unaware that we have skills shortage crisis on our hands. This is in part because KZN is unregulated and anybody can open up an ambulance service and it does not have to encompass the full skill set.

There are 3 defined ranks; the first, basic life support (BLS) is a 4-week course. A 1000 practicing hours are required before you can then move on to intermediate life support (ILS) which is 14 weeks. Again, 1000 practicing hours is mandatory before you start doing advanced life support (ALS), which is a four degree Bachelor of Healthcare Science.


ER24 from left to right: Emma Boreham (ALS), JP Joubert (ILS) and Yenzi Oliphant (BLS).

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