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Knight Security Solutions (KSS), formally known as Knight Alarms (Est. 1989) and then complimented with Knight Force (Est. 1998 and owned by Gary Preston) merged under new ownership on 1 January 2014 when Gary and Debbie Preston bought Knight Alarms. The new rebranded and renamed the new operation is now known as Knight Security Solutions or KSS. Now, some 3 years down the line, KSS has established itself as an innovative forerunner in the security industry.


Our vision is to be the best, most reliable security service provider in the Midlands.


Knight Security Solutions is an innovative security company aimed at providing the best quality and most technologically advanced services to our clients.

We aspire to protect our families, our homes, our neighbourhoods, our businesses, our community and our livelihoods at all times of the KNIGHT and day.

We aim to continue growing, improving on our service delivery and developing a solid, secure relationship with our community.

We are committed to partnering with other specialist service providers who operate with integrity.


  • Efficient, reliable service delivery.
  • Empathy for our clients.
  • Accessibility through a personal and professional service.
  • Caring for the community.
  • Developing our staff through continuous training.
  • Developing and improving on security industry training material.

Our objectives

  • Customise innovative products to suit the individual, business or community’s needs.
  • Work hand-in-hand with Together SA CAN (South African Community Action Network), ER24 medical services and numerous other emergency role players to assist the community with ANY eventuality that they may encounter.
  • To offer a network that binds all South Africans into a common cause, primarily to support one another and the SAPS.
  • To be associated with other specialist services who operate with integrity and the same moral standards that KSS aspire to.

Our uniqueness

  • The owners, Gary and Debbie, are actively involved and deal directly with the clients should the need arise
  • KSS have started their own registered training centre (PSIRA and SASSETA) in order to revolutionise the security industry and set a new standard of security professionalism. Go to www.keyacademy.co.za
  • KSS control room works directly with all emergency services and can facilitate the dispatch of the appropriate service/s for your emergency situation. Go to www.keyacademy.co.za
  • KSS has established a cleaning division called Knight Cleaning Services. Go to www.knightcleaning.co.za
  • A weekly “newsflash” sent out to all clients on a weekly basis.


Our 24/7 control room number is 033-330-5911

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 7.30am to 4.30pm

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Our Office

5 Old Main Road


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