Armed Response

  • Senior Inspector available 24/7
  • Armed Reaction Units 24/7.
  • Innovative “two-up” system with 2 Reaction Officers per vehicle.
  • Fully trained Inspectors and Reaction Officers working shifts.
  • Home escorts free of charge (30 minutes’ notice must be given to the control room in order to facilitate this process).
  • GPRS tracking systems in all the reaction vehicles.
  • Regular SMS and email updates informing clients of criminal activity and trends.
  • Vehicles permanently stationed in: Howick, Merrivale / Howick West and Hilton.
  • An Inspector available to assist with backup to any of the above locations.
  • At least another 3 back-up vehicles if needed.


  • A fully computerised monitoring control room with the latest radio and GPRS monitoring technologies.
  • A minimum of two Controllers on shift at any given time.
  • A complete back up power supply.
  • Latest GPRS tracking system, monitoring and assisting.
  • Telephone recording system for all incoming and outgoing calls.

Technical Department

  • Specialise in alarm installations, CCTV, intercom systems and access control.
  • Alarm repairs and fault finding.
  • There are 5 technical teams.
  • A standby technician available 24/7/365.


  • Debit order facilities are available, collection dates are on the 1st, 5th and 25th of every month.
  • Debit and credit card speed point is available at reception 7.30am – 4pm.
  • Invoices are generated on the 1st of the month, payable by the last day of the month.


  • 24 hour Security Officer Protection to residential complexes, businesses, shopping centres, construction sites, industrial premises and private residence.
  • 24 hour back-up to the Security Officers by Inspectors and the Armed Response division.
  • Access control, patrols, quad bike patrols, Magtouch and Sentinel monitoring patrol systems.
  • Site Supervisors on site.

KSS K9 Unit

  • Patrol dogs available for posting to Guarding sites.
  • Fully trained and certified Security Officer Personnel and Guard / Patrol Rottweiler's and Boer bulls.
  • Trained Sniffer dog available 24/7.

The COMMUNITY BOBBIES PATROL PROJECT is a Not-for-Profit COMMUNITY crime prevention project driven by the community for the community. KSS provides the platform and support structures to help drive the project. An Armed Reaction Officer patrols 24/7 in the designated areas.

Area Map

Knight area map


Our 24/7 control room number is 033-330-5911

Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 7.30am to 4.30pm

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5 Old Main Road


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