The Knight Story

kss1   In 1989 Denwatt Electronics, a 2-way radio company owned by Mike Denning and Terry Wattrus, saw the need for alarm systems. Gary Preston, a radio technician for Denwatt at the time, installed its first alarm system and the new alarm company became known as Knight Alarms. Louis Beaumont and Gary Preston then purchased Knight Alarms a few years later, and Denwatt was sold to Rob’s Radio in Pietermaritzburg.
kss2   Then in 1998, Gary complimented the Knight Alarms installation and monitoring services with separate company providing an Armed Response service called Knight Force.
kss3   In 2000 Louis and Gary found themselves having to sell Knight Alarms to the perspective buyer, a Mr Larry Low. Fortunately Gary still owned Knight Force and was also retained on as the manager of Knight Alarms. Contrary to popular belief, Gary didn’t own Knight Alarms for the better part of the next 13 years, but was instrumental in keeping the good name, high standards and quality service to its clients.
kss4   On 1 January 2014 Knight Alarms was officially bought and re-owned by Gary and Debbie Preston. It was decided that with the new, exciting road ahead, a fresh start with respect to the entire business was needed. The first visible changes made were to the name, which was changed from Knight Alarms and Knight Force to Knight Security Solutions (KSS). A change was also necessary to the look and branding of the new KSS operation.

With the new KSS comes an entire change to the way KSS are going to approach the security industry and all its demands from now onwards. The first of these changes was the inclusion of Together SA CAN into the fundamental framework of the business. KSS is the first private security company in South Africa to start such an innovative project and relationship with SA CAN and it is very exciting for both organizations. KSS and SA CAN have co-branded on all the new KSS signage to show this united working front.

2014 sees the 25th year of the operation of KNIGHT in Howick and the Midlands. It has been a long road but the future is brighter and more optimistic than it has ever been. Nothing can also beat the experience and local knowledge that comes with a company that has been operational in the Midlnads since 1989.


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