Village Talk - 20 June 2018

Village Talk
20 June 2018

There has been awesome work done by Knight Security Solutions Operations staff this past month. Over 10 suspects have been apprehended and handed over to SAPS and numerous stolen items recovered. KSS along with community groups and SAPS are working together to make our communities safer.

Domestic workers attacked
Domestic workers walking home from work have become the latest target of criminals. Please ensure that you pay employees via EFT into a bank account so that they are not vulnerable carrying cash on them. Please also encourage employees and school children to walk in groups of three or more – there is definitely safety in numbers. Cell phones should also be carefully concealed so as not to attract attention. Ensure that emergency services numbers are on speed dial or call Knight Security Solutions on 033 330 5911. Remember to give you name, number and location when you call in.

Overgrown verges
There are many areas with over-grown verges, especially in Merrivale, which has seen a recent spike in criminal activity. Please cut down excessive bush around your property, as this creates hiding places for criminals to “surprise” attack unsuspecting people walking in the area. Criminals can also hide away in the bushes and stash stolen items.

Reporting incidents
Please report incidents and suspicious vehicles/persons directly to your security service provider so that we can take prompt action. Please note that WhatsApp is not a formal means of dispatching a security service provider or SAPS. You need to phone your security service provider control room (KSS 033 3305 911) or activate your alarm to elicit a response. Please respect this protocol and don’t place the lives of community citizens in danger by expecting them to respond. Take ownership of what you post on social media.

Main types of crimes
Electronic items, batteries (gate and vehicles) and copper pipe thefts have increased. Please be aware, as some of these incidents have occurred during the day and access was gained to numerous properties by cutting the fence and then accessing the house/building by removing the window panes or breaking through the front gate and front door. Set your alarms and ensure outside areas/fences are well protected. Many incidents are occurring when alarms have not been set or in unalarmed areas/buildings.

Vehicle crimes
Please note that when you are in town, you need to ensure that your vehicle is locked. There have been reports of criminals climbing into occupied vehicles to steal items. Also ensure that vehicles are kept in a yard or garage at night, and are protected by beams / alarm systems / padlocked gates. Be vigilant and careful at all times.

Dog Poisoning
There have been recent reports of dogs being poisoned in the Merrivale area. Please be extra vigilant with your pets. For further reading go to

KSS is stronger and more active than ever, as we continually assess, adapt and improve on our systems and structures. We are proud of our industry compliance and will always strive to be the best security company in the Midlands.

Be proactive about your own security. Contact KSS if you would like further advice on 033 330 5911.

Remember – You are safer with us!

Village Talk - 2 May 2018

Village Talk Report
2 May 2018

Knight Security Solutions (KSS) has once again had another successful Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) 100% audit compliance issued. We are very pleased with this achievement. KSS will continue to work alongside our SAPS and other emergency services to ensure we deliver quality service and respond to community emergencies. Thank you to all our loyal clients and the community as a whole for your support in our endeavours. We always take heed of feedback and will continue to improve on service delivery.

KSS Incidents
KSS are proactive in all incidents reported, and the relevant SAPS or emergency services are engaged. KSS also conducted additional patrols in those areas affected by crime incidents.

KSS incidents over the past month are as follows: 24 incidents in Howick (17 business and 7 residential), 5 incidents in Howick West (all residential), 2 incidents in Hilton (1 residential and 1 general), 13 incidents in Merrivale (6 business, 5 residential and 2 farms) and then 3 incidents in the surrounding areas.

KSS Operations staff have had a rewarding and productive month. Armed Reaction Officers have been proactive with patrolling and eight (8) suspects were apprehended by observant KSS Officers, and handed over to the relevant SAPS. This is a wonderful collective effort by all KSS staff.

Copper Theft
Copper theft is a serious concern again and many people are still not reporting incidents to SAPS. Please take the time to report the incidents of copper / non-ferrous metal theft to your relevant SAPS. Howick CBD has been particularly hard-hit.

Unalarmed outbuildings
KSS Operations staff have also attended to a number of break-ins to unalarmed outbuildings. Please may we recommend that outbuildings are alarmed to ensure the early detection of intruders. Please contact Keshen on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 083 393 5265 for further professional advice.

KSS Control Room
The KSS Controllers in our 24/7 Control Room are the unsung heroes of making sure that criminal, medical, fire and emergency related incidents are dealt with in a professional and timeous manner. We have worked hard in training and sourcing the best controllers in the Midlands and are very proud of our competent team.

Add the KSS Control Room number 033 330 5911 to speed dial on your phone or download TrackBox and select Knight Security Solutions (KSS) as your service provider.

Remember … “You are safe with us”!

Village Talk 7 March 2018

March 2018 sees the 29th birthday of “KNIGHT” operating as a security service provider in the Midlands. Gary Preston, who now owns KSS, was the first employee of Knight Alarms in 1989 and installed the very first alarm in Howick. Thank you, GARY, for everything you have done for the people of our community for the past 29 years of loyal, committed service.

KSS Staff training
KSS runs an effective in-house Skills Development and Training Program for all our staff. Training ranges from basic first aid and OHS, to human resources, public relations, understanding your role in the security industry, care of security equipment, advanced driving, firearm refresher training, understanding security industry statutory regulations etc…. just to name a few of the up-skilling training sessions held over the past year. Currently, we are empowering staff to get fit and healthy, and have a fitness expert coming to the new office premises 3 mornings a week to do training. The staff are loving it.

Storms and lightning strikes
Please may we advise people to ensure that doors and windows are closed when you are not at home. Often a storm rolls in and the high winds cause many unnecessary alarm activations due to doors and windows banging and curtains blowing in front of beams (PIR’s).

Please also note that KSS has been requested to dispatch medical services to more than two people that have been stuck by lightening recently. It’s not always possible to predict where lightning will strike, but here are some tips on what to do when there is lightning activity. (Adapted from

• Lightning is electricity which is attracted to the tallest object around, as it travels between the earth/ground and the sky. The first rule of lightning is to avoid being outside when there is lightning activity. Avoid fields and open spaces which could make you the tallest object.
• The second rule is also incredibly important: When we’re caught outside in a storm, our instinct is to seek shelter under a tree. This is very dangerous, because if the tree is struck, the lightning could jump to your body.
• A car is a safer place to find shelter. Even though a car is metal, lightning will be conducted through the metal of the car and into the ground.
• Avoid using items such as umbrellas or golf clubs.
• If caught in an open space, find a hole or ditch to hide in, and make your body as small as possible - don’t lie flat, though.
• Inside your house, avoid anything electrical such as plugs, appliances and telephones, as well as anything relating to water such as taps, basins or pipes, as water is a conductor of electricity. Don’t have a shower or bath during a storm!
• Avoid swimming or standing on a beach, as lightning may strike at the water’s edge.
• Remove anything metal from your clothing and body, such as jewellery, belts and coins – if caught outside.
• Don’t use your cell phone outside during a storm.

Remember: When thunder roars, go indoors. Find a safe, enclosed shelter. Lightning can strike very far from a thunderstorm, so even if it isn’t raining, once you can hear thunder you may be in danger.

Unalarmed out-buildings
There has been an increase in break-ins to unalarmed outbuildings (wendy houses and sheds). Please ensure that if you have out-buildings, they are locked and alarmed.

Cable and Copper Theft
Cable and copper theft is on the increase. Please report cable or copper theft immediately to the KSS Control Room on 033 3305911. KSS are working alongside Private Investigators and SAPS in combating this serious crime.


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